Imlie 28th September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Examiner illuminates Pallo that he is calling from Kishanganj police headquarters and has captured her young lady in an inn strike with a rich man. Pallo inquires as to whether he captured even a rich man. Investigator says rich man sat idle and subsequently isn’t captured, she will visit police headquarters and rescue her young lady. Pallo says that young lady isn’t her family member and she won’t squander her cash to rescue her. Rajni strolls to Agastya and inquires as to whether he is cheerful. Agastya says he is and inquires as to for what reason is she inquiring. Rajni says he is mindful since youth and she realizes he will follow his obligation towards his marriage regardless of whether he is wedding on Daadi’s demand, he ought to reevaluate a long time prior to proceeding commitment. Agastya says his choice turned out badly, he will follow acknowledge Daadi’s choice at this point. He remains under shower and thinks Imlie was supporting poor as she is likewise poor, hoodlums are superior to her as she took somebody’s character, she is a blo*dy scalawag.

Examiner lets Imlie know that her family wouldn’t rescue her, who will uphold her assuming she fouls up things. Bar chief Shankar strolls in and rescues Imlie. Imlie gets back. Ashu inquires as to for what reason is she late today. Imlie pours water on herself reviewing lockup episode. Pallo stops her and hollers at her to quit squandering water as she can’t wash her wrongdoings even with ganga jal. Imlie sprinkles water towards her and inquires as to whether she can see her. Pallo says she is a modest bar vocalist and ought to remain in her cutoff points. Imlie sits crying.

Sonali’s mom lets Sonali know that quite a while back, Agastya’s mom grabbed her joy and presently Agastya is grabbing business from Sonali, she shouldn’t give Agastya wed and let Daadi move business access his name. Sonali says Agastya will wed and try and give his business to her. She assisted Noyonika with cutting short her child and looking for favor in return of her approval sometime and proposes her to wed somebody and continue on. Noyonika asks who will wed her. Sonali says Noyonika ought to wed her stepbrother Agastya and requests that she send her union through her dad soon. Noyonika says thanks to her. Out of flashback, mother says she is getting back at Agastya. Sonali says she is grabbing back her right as father did unfairness mother a long time back and presently Daadi is doing bad form to her by giving business to Agastya in light of the fact that he is a kid, she will ensure she gets her well deserved business.

Agastya illuminates Jugz how poor Imlie tricked him lying herself as rich Noyonika Johri. Jugz says that is a major extortion. Agastya says he will make Imlie’s life a damnation now. Imlie arrives at shop and expectations she isn’t rebuffed even today like yesterday, she will uncover her actual personality to chief and apologize him. Agastya grins at her and asks what befell her style sense today, is her servant on leave today that she is wearing a torn dress and broken footwear. He strongly attempts to fix a costly shoe in her foot and says it’s declining to fit in her foot, so he will get her a modest shoe from a nearby market. Imlie says whether modest or exorbitant shoes, they need to confront a residue. She attempts to uncover her reality. Agastya stops her and expresses this evening there is a major catering request, she wants to get ready food this evening. Imlie says she will try sincerely and dazzle client this evening. Agastya says let us see. Imlie figures she will dazzle chief and look for reward from him.

Precap: Agastya lets Imlie know that her reality is out that she is a bar vocalist, he will make her life a damnation. Imlie says she isn’t apprehensive about any test, he can do anything he desires to.

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