Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Akshara asking Kairav and Muskaan where are they going out of nowhere.

In the mean time, Kairav tells her that he has a critical business in Gujrat because of which he needs to earnestly leave.

On being inquired as to whether Muskaan is additionally going with him, he misleads her platitude she is going to Mumbai for her office work.

Akshara peruses their untruths and advises Kairav to swear on her and tell her the genuine justification behind not going to the wedding.

All of a sudden, Muskaan makes some noise let Akshara know that this is what Manjari needs and Akshara ought to understand what sort of individuals she is wedding into.

Nonetheless, Akshara stops them and lets them know that they won’t leave and she will manage the matter.

Manjari advises Abhimanyu to take a gander at the list if people to attend and check in the event that she has neglected any names.

In any case, Abhimanyu is lost in his viewpoints and lets Manjari know that there is something off-base in light of which Kairav isn’t coming to their Sangeet.

The doorbell rings and Akshara shows up there let Abhimanyu know that she needs to converse with Manjari alone.

Abhimanyu advises her to express out loud whatever she needs to say before him while Akshara feels irritated and advises him to go.

Nonetheless, Abhimanyu tells her that in the event that there is a significant thing among her and Manjari, he ought to know as well.

At last, Akshara surrenders and lets Manjari know that she is unfortunately there can’t be any marriage without Muskaan.

Abhimanyu looks shocked to hear that and asks Manjari for what reason she has excluded Muskaan while Manjari lets him know that Muskaan isn’t content with this relationship and doesn’t believe Abhimanyu should be blissful.

Abhimanyu tells her that in spite of that she isn’t successfully stop the marriage and he has made her his sister.

Akshara likewise apologizes for her sake and tells her that in the event that Muskaan doesn’t come, then, at that point, Kairav won’t go to either and she can’t have a wedding without them.

In the interim, Mahima tells Akshara that Abhimanyu’s sibling won’t go to all things considered.

An out and out contention in regards to Parth and Muskaan starts with Mahima believing Parth should go to too while Anand lets him know that Parth is an alternate matter.

Abhimanyu and Akshara advise them to be calm and that they believe Abheer should have the adoration for the two families and in the event that they will battle like this, how might the marriage be propitious?

Manjari demands them to not drop the possibility of marriage while Abhimanyu tells her that on the off chance that they believe that they should wed, there ought not be any circumstances.

In the interim, Mahima demands Abhimanyu to welcome Parth himself for the wellbeing of she

Afterward, Kairav is pressure eating when Akshara comes there and stops him while Kairav tells her that she ought to have allowed them to leave.

Nonetheless, Akshara lets him know that she knows how he would have felt assuming he missed her wedding and that Muskaan need nothing awful for her except for she has her motivations to be irate and she will converse with her.

Kairav tells her to not stress and that he will be the one to converse with Muskaan.

The following day, the arrangements for the wedding are going all out when Suhasini lets everybody know that the cheerful event will be set apart by introducing Ganpati in the house.

Manjari lets them know that Akshara needs to make the symbol and its dirt is to be brought by the family’s freshest girl in-regulation.

Then again, Abhimanyu goes to welcome Parth to the wedding for the family.