Anupama 28th September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Barkha says it is a marvel everybody needs to become guardians. Pakhi is glad that Samar will have a youngster now. Anuj says we will sit tight for Dimpy’s child also alongside Kavya’s child. Choti Anu is blissful. Baa lets Dimpy know that uplifting news are not told with dread. Anupama takes off terrible sight from them and does their aarti. The women start moving to check the joy. Pakhi lets Adhik know that everybody is cheerful. Anupama tells that your new life is beginning and lets Dimpy know that obstacles will come in your manner, yet the excursion will be delightful, and requests that Dimpy acknowledge the changes. Anupama requests that Samar prepare for the obligation. Samar says it is a major liability, and we want the entirety of your help. Anupama grins. Kavya says it is the benefit of a joint family, no one is forlorn. Anupama says little Samar will turn into a f

Later Samar expresses gratitude toward Dimpy and inquires as to why you didn’t tell previously. Dimpy says she got test result report there and afterward she was unable to remain without uncovering reality before everybody. Samar says you did well and says I’m exceptionally glad for the uplifting news. Dimpy says she is feeling dread. Samar says cheerful guardians give a blissful life to the kid. He says we will have a little girl like you. Dimpy says child will be sound. Samar says child will be solid. He says I can feel father hood like Toshu and Vanraj and needs to live for the child. All of a sudden their photograph outline tumbles down.

Anupama is checking out at Samar’s pic and crying with bliss. Anuj catches her video and requests that she cry with the two eyes. Anupama says she will look terrible. Anuj tells that he realizes that she is glad that her dear child will become father. She thinks back his experience growing up and says he used to go around me. She says she trusts Kavya and Dimpy’s child get favorability the house and babu ji’s home gets overflowing with satisfaction. She says she feels that Pakhi will give the uplifting news to us soon. Anuj requests that she give the give uplifting news as well. Anupama is astounded. Anuj grins. Anupama gets Baa’s call and Baa tells her that Malti Devi has headed off to some place.

Anupama and Anuj come to Baa’s home. Baa gives the letter left by Anupama. Anupama peruses the letter wherein Malti Devi expresses gratitude toward Anupama for joining her with her child. She says his satisfaction lies in her takeoff from here and she won’t give her life, as her life is her discipline. She says everybody dealt with me well, I need to leave from here, Kanha ji will give spot to remain to her. She requests that she deal with herself and give love to Anuj. She requests that she request that Anuj pardon his unfortunate mother. The letter closes. Anupama says no mother will be isolated from her child, and no child will isolate from his mom. She says no mother can bear this. Baa says we let her visit here on your truism, don’t have any idea where she went. Anupama faults herself and says I ought to have dealt with her. Kinjal says she was unwell when she had come, however presently she is fine. Samar expresses out loud whatever we can do? Anuj tells that it is her propensity to leave, I have no worries. He goes. Vanraj goes behind him. Baa asks her not to stress. Samar says there is an uplifting news as well. Anupama embraces him. Toshu says Maa gets persuaded with Samar.

Babu ji says it is miserable that Malti Devi left, however we need to share the satisfaction as well. Following day, Toshu tells about Baa’s mannat to keep Ganapati one year from now. Baa says she needs to end this segment and wipe the line. Dimpy says even me. Samar says even me. Anupama takes off awful sight. Babu ji says your Leela is unique. Baa understands her slip-up and tells that she will wipe the line. Kavya requests that her child sit tight for their greeting as well. Vanraj says when everybody is together, then, at that point, house can’t separate. Samar requests that Anupama make halwa and says he is extremely cheerful. Anupama says I will make all your #1 dishes. Samar says I simply need my Mummy and says you and your affection is with me, and we won’t ever different. Anupama says OK. Pakhi says he is getting so much love.Toshu inquires as to whether we have no significance as we are not crying children. Anupama embraces Pakhi, Toshu, Choti and Samar out and out.

Precap: Anupama says my Samar will be a dad. They are leaving for the party. Anupama says she will tie raksha string, yet Samar requests that she tie it in the wake of returning. Later his dead bodies is brought and Vanraj tells Anupama that Anuj is answerable for Samar’s demise.

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