Imlie 29th September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Agastya lets Imlie know that he got a major providing food request this evening and inquires as to whether she can set up a menu for it. Imlie says she will and inquires as to whether she will get reward. Agastya says she ought to show her ability first and afterward consider asking reward. At Chaudhry house, Manno enthusiastically select garments for Agastya’s commitment. Govind insults Manno that it’s Agastya’s commitment. Manno gripes Daadi who says Govind is correct, individuals will watch Gattu/Agastya and Noyonika and not her. Jugz runs behind Agastya to choose a sherwani for his commitment. Agastya says he isn’t intrigued. Daadi requests that he grin. Agastya says he will this evening after the commitment, considering uncovering poor Imlie.

Daadi asks where is Sonali. Sonali’s mom says her girl is buckling down for the business, yet ill-conceived Agastya is given business. Sonali strolls in and says she doesn’t avoid diligent and might set up another business and run it effectively. She shows accessories to Agastya and requests that he select one for Noyonika as she would rather not affront neckband by giving 2 to his step SIL. Agastya and Sonali’s trade of discoursed begins. Daadi requests that Agastya select one jewelry soon. Sonali says this jewelry is a stage towards controlling Noyonika. Their discoursed proceed.

Imlie tastes food and reproves her subordinates for adding an excessive amount of salt and less sugar in dishes. She readies a blowout and thinks she is buckling down seflessly to dazzle chief and get a reward from him for Ashu’s treatment. Amrit pays attention to vocalists and envisions Imlie. His colleague inquires as to whether he chose the young lady. Amrit says her voice dazzled him. Young lady gets cheerful reasoning he chose her. Amrit escapes creative mind and rejects young lady. Collaborator says he dismissed every one of the young ladies, an even were prepared to draw him. Amrit says he is searching for another person. He messages Bulbul/Imlie. Bulbul lets Pallo know that a snare is informing once more. Bulbul requests that she answer. Amrit gets blissful seeing her answers.

Imlie gets back and asks whom she is informing. Bulbul and Pallo get anxious. Ashu sees a sari in her sack and questions her. Imlie conceals culinary expert’s sari and give unusual reason. She asks Bulbul again whom she was informing. Bulbul and Pallo leave there anxiously. Imlie offer a toffee to Ashu and persuades him that it’s the world’s best toffee. She says she really wants to go to work early today. Bulbul and that’s what pallo hear and think why she needs to early go to bar. Bulbul calls her barkeep companion and discovers that Imlie is on a leave today. Pallo gets apprehensive reasoning assuming Imlie will take off from their home, who will deal with their costs.

Imlie arrives at Johri house with food and arrived at there before with Agastgya. She goes into the house and gets hypnotized seeing it’s sumptuousness. Occasion coordinator requests that staff remove commitment board and bring it during ring trade function. Imlie believes on the off chance that today’s Noyonika’s commitment.

Precap: Agastya requests that bar vocalist Imlie sing a tune in his commitment party. Imlie sings Chalte.. tune. Agastya says a liar like her snatch a valuable open door with her untruths, she is ill suited to be his cook.

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