Imlie 31st January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st January 2023 Written Update, Arto finding Imlie inside the theatre. They both get surprised, Chini goes in the taxi and the driver doesnt know the address so he asks her. He goes in wrong direction and she gets annoyed. There Imlie tells Arto that she also came here to watch movie. She asks him if he planned to watch movie with Chini? Arto says he is waiting for her. He adds technically they both are watching movie for the first time as friends. Imlie takes a selfie with Arto and sends it to Chini. She thinks from now on she will reach Arto before Chini always. Chini gets jealous seeing the picture and calls Imlie. Imlie fakes a voice that the network is busy. Chini catches her lie saying the latter can’t separate her from Arto.

Imlie cuts the call and lies to him that Chini wont be able to come to the theatre. She got busy and Arto says he is okay with it. Imlie asks him why he is not bothered at all? He says he is happy that instead of Chini, Imlie is here. Imlie recalls how Rudra sent his driver to drive Chini’s car so that she can’t reach Arto. Arto thinks he has to let Imlie move on. He controls his emotions and then tells Imlie to rest her head on his shoulder if she wants. Imlie imagines she is doing that and they both stare at each other romantically. Imlie then thinks she is not here to fulfil her own dreams. Arto asks her if she didn’t watch the movie at all. Imlie says she used to enjoy watching movie and used to eat popcorns.

Arto says then he will bring popcorn for her too. He leaves and there Chini calls Abhishek to use him to reach Arto. She lies to Abhishek that she wanted to surprise him but couldn’t reach the location yet. Abhishek says he is coming. Rudra calls Chini and taunts her for her flop idea. Chini says she will let him ruin her plan. He says she is in trouble because of her own deed. She cuts the call angrily saying Imlie can’t spend time with Arto like that. There Imlie herself goes to buy popcorn and cold drink. Some spoilt brats start humiliating Imlie for her Hindi words. They also insult the popcorn seller. Imlie scolds her for judging somone on the basis of their earnings.

Imlie counterattacks the girl for being jobless and the popcorn seller earns more than her. She gives her a valuable lesson and tells her to respect hard work. Everyone claps for Imlie, Arto praises her and later Imlie grabs Arto’s hand seeing a scary scene. He calms her down and the people out there start judging them for getting close in public place. They ask Arto and Imlie to leave the theatre, this is not the right place to romance. They touch Imlie and Arto objects to that. He creates scene for misbehaving with her. She takes him out of the theatre and he says he cant stand insult of her so he raised voice. He will always do that for her, she gets surprised.

Chini comes back home with Abhishek and Rupy asks her if she went on a date with Abhishek only. Chini taunts Rudra saying if Arto and Imlie are in trouble as they didn’t come back yet. Shivani talks to someone over call and says she will never fulfil the latter’s wish so he should stop calling her. She cuts the call seeing Rudra. Arto slowly reveals to Imlie that he lost the car keys and she says she thought he will tell something else. They say that they enjoyed the movie a lot and Arto says only romance was missing. Imlie feels awkward hearing that. Imlie thinks surely Chini has planned something against them to put them in trouble.

Precap- Imlie asks Chini how long she will use Abhishek for her motive. Chini says as long as she wants. Imlie says but she won’t let her fool Abhishek. Imlie goes to reveal the truth to Abhishek.

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