Imlie 4th March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Chini stops Imlie and says she is prepared to tell truth yet before Arto as Imlie will trap others with her tears. Arto strolls in and inquires as to for what reason are they remaining here. He joins family for breakfast. Imlie says she needs to say something. Shivani says later and requests that Atharva drop her to sanctuary in the wake of completing breakfast. Atharva completes breakfast and organizations Shivani. Imlie leaves from that point. Chini demands her to uncover truth in presence of Arto. Imlie gestures alright and passes by Rudra’s room. She hears Rudra reproving Akash for neglecting to follow out missing 50 lakh rs from organization account. Akash requests that he unwind as its just 50 lakhs. Rudra says an individual runs his family on a 5000 rs pay, they would have given reward to their workers with that 50 lakh rs, he needs to know where 50 lakhs went. Keya sees Imlie and inquires as to for what reason is she paying attention to other’s discussions. Imlie says papaji is strained. Keya says papaji will deal with his concern, she ought to proceed to rest as she is fufferinng from cognitive decline.

Imlie gets back to her room and notification Chini composing a note in her room. Chini says she doesn’t believe that Imlie should persuade Arto with her tears, so she has noted down her lies on a paper and thus even Imlie ought to do same. Imlie thinks Chini is showing boldness interestingly. Atharva arrives at sanctuary with Shivani and inquires as to for what reason did she out of nowhere make an arrangement to visit sanctuary. Shivani says for the tranquility of her psyche. Atharva says she can get true serenity anyplace. Shivani asks like? Atharva like playing most loved music, lying in mother’s lap, and investing energy with an extraordinary companion reviewing Imlie. Shivani everybody don’t have an extraordinary companion like him. Atharva asks what? Shivani says she implies her entire family is her companion. They stroll to a blessed tree where panditji illuminates that in the event that they play out tree’s parikrama, they will get their ideal desire. Shivani inquires as to whether its valid. Panditji says OK. Atharva says he doesn’t trust in supersitition. Panditji expresses its really depends on him regardless of whether to accept.

Atharva drops Shavani to their vehicle and gets back to panditji. He tells panditji that he believes should do tree parikrama. Panditji says he isn’t odd however does everything subsequent to getting a proof. Atharva performs tree parikrama. Chini demands Imlie to record her admission. Imlie composes a letter to Atharva that she went about as experiencing a cognitive decline to shield him from something, he is and his companionship means a lot to her on the planet. Atharva supposes in the event that Imlie gets back her memory, she ought to be his companion generally as her kinship matters to him. Atharva’s feet begin draining and he wobbles. Shivani holds him and inquires as to whether he has gone frantic, for what reason is he doing this. Chini requests that Imlie show her letter. Imlie says she will show it to just Atharva and has composed just truth in it. Chini says at long last the two of them will seek same treatment from everybody today, the two sisters will break everybody’s assumptions today. Imlie says let Atharva come.

Shivani brings Atharva home. Devika calls Rudra and everybody. Shivani says Atharva harmed his feet by doing parikrama for Imlie and cusses Imlie. Imlie runs towards Atharva dropping her letter on floor. Chini picks letter and flies it towards Atharva thinking Imlie is uncovered today. Atharva understands letter and crimples it irately. Family asks Devika and Divya ask what is written in this letter. Atharva says he thought about a misrepresentation as his companion and was an idiot to consider Imlie as his companion, its composed that Imlie never lost her memory and she deceived them all. Imlie says even Chini is lying. Chini changes her assertion and says Imlie misled everybody with a vested arrangement.

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