Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Arjun comes to the workplace and requests that he give the record of the relative multitude of ladies who passed on because of suffocation. The person provides him with the subtleties of the ones who kicked the bucket because of suffocation. Arjun really takes a look at the papers and says 2 instances of Faridabad, 1 instance of Delhi and 4 instances of prayagraj and thinks the demise occurred between 2019 to 2023 and questions Aditya’s hand in it. He comes to Kashvi and shows the confirmations, says 4 ladies had kicked the bucket because of suffocation. Kashvi requests that Arjun let Adi tackle this case. Arjun says this will help Adi for the situation. Kashvi concurs. Arjun says we need to go to NGO to get Rucha’s dad’s sketch. They go there.

Kashvi asks Rucha how is she? The superintendent tells that Rucha cries and recollects her mom and cries. Kashvi feels terrible for herself and cries, and afterward recollects her child. She gives her chocolate, however Rucha keeps it. Kashvi tells her that even she had lost her folks in the mishap, however that doesn’t imply that they will quit eating food or carry on with the life. She requests that she face every one of the difficulties and requests that she eat it for her. She says I came to ask you for help and requests that Arjun call him. Arjun brings the sketch artiste. Rucha gives the depiction. The artiste makes the sketch. They see cover all over and cap on his head. They couldn’t distinguish him. Kashvi goes to go to the call. Arjun gets some information about her dad. Rucha tells that after her dad’s dead, her mom wedded this person. She says he used to beat her and never permitted her to converse with anybody.

Kashvi and Arjun come to the senior official and educates him concerning Rucha’s dad. All of a sudden he gets a caution and requests that Arjun go out. He tells Kashvi that Jaggi has saved the children prisoner and called her for exchange. Aditya says I will accompany you. Arjun upset Aditya’s stomach.

Aditya has a terrible stomach. Kashvi says I wish I would have remained and dealt with you, however I need to go. She comes to the vehicle and sees Arjun. Arjun says he will go with Aditya sir and her. Kashvi says Adi has a surprise stomach, so can’t come now. Arjun figures I will explore the matter. Kashvi says you can’t come for this mysterious mission. Arjun says I will accompany you and will help Aditya sir. Kashvi asks him to avoid anything wrong. Arjun guarantees her. They arrive at Prayagraj. Kashvi lets Arjun know that she needs to arrive at the school as Jaggi called her for discussion. Arjun says I will accompany you. Kashvi says he has called me so I will deal with this. Arjun makes her wear taweez and tells that it is blessed vabhoot. Kashvi says alright. He requests that Constable call him assuming Kashvi is in harm’s way. He remembers to enquire with the guardians of the killed casualties. The family tells that they have hardly any insight into the folks whom their little girls wedded and says we have no connection with them.