Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2 November : Vansh drugged Riddhima

At the beginning of the episode, Vansh asks Ishani whether Riddhima has not come yet. Ishani tells Vansh that yes, it’s so late, but she hasn’t arrived yet, and she does the same every time. Vansh thinks that Riddhima can’t find out anything about Ragini then why she has not come yet, he thinks if she is in some trouble. Then Riddhima enters the house, and Vansh is shocked to see her crying and asking what happened. Is everything alright? He notices an injury on her hands and asks her how it happened. Riddhmi points towards the injury in his hand and asks him how he got hurt. Vansh says that he has already treated his injury, and now she should get her injury treated. Riddhima looks at Vansh and says that there is no need and leaves from there.

Vansh thinks that he must finish everything soon. While another side, Angre gets some crucial reports and is about to send it to Vansh, but Ishani comes and interrupts him. She snatches his phone and taunts him that he is her brother’s right hand, then why he does not know that Riddhima is spying on Vansh. Angre tells her not to teach him his work, and he takes his phone from her and leaves.

Riddhima prays to Bhagwan to help her so that she can stop Vansh from doing wrong with Ragini. Vansh is talking to a strange man who hides behind the curtain. He tells the man that his plan for Ragini is going in the right way, but Riddhima is coming in the middle of his plan, then he has to do something so that Riddhima does not come between his plan and he can execute his plan successfully. Riddhima is listening to his words secretly. She wants to know who is the one who supports Vansh. Riddhima goes ahead to learn another thing, but Vansh comes from behind and captures her.

Vansh warns Riddhima that she should stop doing such a thing. He adds she investigated it a lot, and now she should stop all this, or else the result will not be good. Riddhima says that she is not afraid of him, and she will know what her plan is. Vansh praises her brave behavior and says they should celebrate her bravery. He gives her a glass of juice containing some medicine that can numb her lower back. Riddhima drinks it. When Riddhima stops feeling her legs, she is shocked and asks Vansh what he did to her. Vansh says nothing much, so don’t worry, she will have to bear this for some time. And he goes from there.

Aryan talks about the chip with Chanchal. Aryan tells Chanchal that he should hide this chip in a bank locker so that no one can reach it. On the other hand, Riddhima comes to her senses. Vansh serves her tea and says that she will be well soon, and he will succeed in his plan. Riddhima says she will not let him harm Ragini. Vansh says that she cannot stop him and goes from there. Riddhima calls Kabir to inform him about Ragini, but he does not pick up her call. So Riddhima sends him a voice message. Then Ishani comes there and tells Riddhima that she is very relieved to see this condition. The maid brings fruit for Riddhima, which makes Ishani angry.

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