Kundli bhagya 3 November : Ramona breaks off her relationship with Mahira

At the beginning of the episode, Kareena tells Preeta that she will be delighted now because all this has happened because of her and her mother. Her mother told Rakhi to take Mahira out of the house. Her naive Rakhi fells on Sarla’s trap and drove Mahira out of the house. And because of this, Mahira tried to commit suicide due to which Karan could be punished. The doctor informs Luthra that Mahira has regained consciousness. Luthra starts going to meet Mahira, but Ramona stops them and says that the Luthra family can’t meet Mahira alone as they can change her statement by intimidating Mahira. The policeman agrees and prevents Luthra from approaching Mahira.

Another side, Seeing the injured Sherlyn, Rishabh, tells Prithvi to give her an injection so that Sherlyn will get over the pain. Sherlyn gets afraid because Prithvi is not a doctor, and he does not even know the right medicines.

While Prithvi gets irritated seeing Rishabh and Sherlyn get so close to each other and comes to Rishabh and start speaking some strange things, Rishabh is angry and asks him what he is trying to say. Just then, a girl comes to Rishabh and tells him that Mahira regains her senses, and Rishabh leaves from there. Sherlyn also leaves from there to meet Mahira.

The police ask Mahira to give her statement and ask why she tried to commit suicide. Ramona tells Mahira that she has told the police how Karan cheated on her. Mahira tells the police that there is nothing like this, and it is not Karan’s fault. Ramona says that maybe Mahira is not in her senses; that is why she says such stupid things like this. Mahira says that no, she perfectly fine and what she is saying is absolutely right. The police say that she has committed a big mistake by committing suicide, which can also get her punished.

Further, Ramona tells Mahira that she supported her so much when she was not conscious, but she spoiled everything. Ramona tells Mahira that she will get nothing but deception by supporting Karan. She asks her to choose whether she wants her mother or Karan. Mahira picks Karan, and that hurts Ramona, and she breaks off her relationship with Mahira. And says that if Luthra now keeps her at their house, then stay, and if she wants to come to her, then she should file a case against Karan. However, it is Ramona and Mahira’s plan to enter Luthra’s house, in which they are successful. Ramona laughingly exits the room, which Prithvi notices and decides to find out the truth. While Ramona thanks the man who helped them.

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