Barrister babu 2 November : Bondita advises Somati to forgive Devolina

At the beginning of the episode, Rasiya tells Tara that both Tara and Tara’s Lanka will burn today. While Anirudh and Bondita have escaped from there. Tara gets nervous seeing her Sheesh mehal on fire and after some time, Bondita and Anirudh listen their shouting as they are burning in flame. Bondita calls Rasiya and cries. Anirudh says that Rasiya has been martyred for the right, so she should not cry, but salute Rasiya for her bravery. Anirudh promises that this sacrifice of Rasiya will not be wasted and salutes her. Later Bondita, Anirudh and others leave from there.

In the morning, Somati is praying to God for the protection of Bondita, when Anirudh and Bondita came to Somati. Anirudh ask Bondita to embrace her mother. Bondita runs towards Somati and hugs her. Somati is happy to see her and asks her why did she leave her alone. And where was she? Bondita tells her that she was in Hira Mandi. Somati is shocked to hear this and Bondita tells her everything in details. Somati’s eyes become moist and she tells Anirudh that he is really the protector of Bondita who saved her daughter. Anirudh says that he was the only helped Bondita while Bondita protect herself. Anirudh says that if every woman shows courage like Bondita, soon the status of women will be similar to men. Bondita confidently believes that this will happen soon.

Somati says that today her little Durga has come, so today she will make a lot of prasad and do Durga Puja. Meanwhile Mama and Devolina come there and are shocked to see Bondita. Bondita tells her mama that the man lied to them that he knows Gandhiji and took her to Hira Mandi by lying to them. When Mama learns that Devolina deliberately sent Bondita to Heera Mandi, he gets very angry and tries to raise his hand on her. But Bondita stops him and says that Anirudh says that it is a bad thing to beat a woman so he should not make such mistake.

Mama apologizes to Anirudh and ask Anirudh not to tell this thing to Saurav or else Sampurna’s marriage will be affected. Bondita tells her mama that she will not let anything like this happen and will not tell anyone anything. Mama tells Devolina whether she saw how much Bondita still worried about Sampurna. He tells Devolina that she should go and apologize to Somati and Bondita. Devolina does the same. Somati hesitates to forgive her but Bondita advises her to forgive Devolina.

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