Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20 November 2020 Written Update : Riddhima gets Vihan’s address

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima uses ointment on her wound and remembers Vansh and her past moments. Kabir helps her to apply ointment to her injury. Riddhima pushes him. Kabir says he will give her punishment for this kind of treatment. Riddhima replies that she is not afraid of him. Kabir advises her that she should ask for the business of Vansh from his grandmother and give it to him. Riddhima is stunned and asks him if he is out of his mind. Kabir says that he will occupy Vansh’s thing even in his room. Riddhima thinks of controlling the situation.

Aryan deals with someone to which Kabir asks him not to do so. But Aryan does not listen to him and insults him. Kabir gets angry. He beats him. He says that it was his fault that he misbehaved with him because he was talking comfortably. While Riddhima is searching for Vihaan. A man is willing to help her in exchange for money. Riddhima gives him the money, and he tells the address. Vihaan snatches the man’s money and thinks that the time has come for Riddhima to meet him.

Aryan gains his senses and finds himself tied up. He sees Kabir and tells him to leave him. He tells Kabir that he will repent for this act. Kabir threatens to put him in jail. Aryan gets scared and says he will do what he wants. Kabir asks him to help him in the matter of business. Aryan agrees.

Dadi tells Riddhima that Aryan has asked her to give Kabir some business work. Riddhima feels that Kabir must have done something, due to which Aryan is ready to help him. Aryan calls Kabir brother. Ishani is against it. Dadi tries to convince Ishani. But Ishani does not listen to her. At the same time, Riddhima thinks of getting Angre’s help. Angre punishes himself because he could not save Vansh. Riddhima comes and stops him. Angre says he deserves it. Riddhima gets Viharan’s address. Ishani asks for help from Angre and asks him to do something against Kabir.

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