Shakti 20 November 2020 Written Update : The rift between Heer and Preeto

At the beginning of the episode, the marriage of Heer and Virat ends.  Preeto and Harak come there and are shocked.  Parmeet tells Heer that the people of her house do not like their home, so they come here again and again.  Daljeet says these people are faster than police officers.  Preeto asks Virat why he broke her trust.  Heer interrupts her.  Preeto forbids her to speak in between.  And asks for her answer.  Virat says Heer was about to leave him, so he did it.  Preeto says that his marriage was tied to her terms.  Now there are no conditions, no marriage.  She says she will send the divorce paper.  And she dragged Heer from there.  Tejinder says if Heer leaves this house today, then never come back.  Heer stops.  Parmeet asks Preeto what kind of grandmother she is who wants to destroy her granddaughter’s life.  Tejinder says this is strange.  She says that this grandmother and granddaughter are hiding something, and she will not leave them the day she comes to know of their secret.  Preeto says she should not try to come among them.  Heer says she is coming among them.  Preeto slaps her.  Heer tells her to leave her house.  Heer says she never thought she would have to do this with Preeto one day.  But it would be better if she walks away from her life.

Heer hits the door on Preeto’s mouth.  Preeto and Heer both cry.  Preeto says she has the right to make decisions about her life because she is her blood.  She says till the time she is alive, she will repeatedly come between her and Virat.  Rohan takes Preeto from there.  Heer says Preeto always took decisions related to her, and she never felt bad.  But she will not allow Preeto to come between her and Virat.  Virat consoles her.  Heer says that she feels terrible that she insulted Preeto.  Virat says Preeto will understand.  Heer says they should have a baby so that the whole problem is resolved after the baby arrives.  Virat shouts and tells her not to talk about the child again and again.  Virat leaves from there.  Further, Gurminder prepares a room with flowers for Heer and Virat.  Parmeet brings Heer to her room and blesses her to be happy.  Gurminder tells Heer about First Night. Sant is happy that his son got married. He asks Virat to give him a grandson as soon as possible. Virat gulps.

Virat asks Sant what his problem is. Why they always talk about the child. Sant says why he is getting angry. Virat says he does not like children’s talks. Sant says he is right. He needs to settle first. Children can also happen later. He takes Virat to his room. Heer gives milk to Virat.

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