Choti Sarrdaarni 20 November 2020 Written Update : Vikram divorce Aditi

At the beginning of the episode, Vikram told Sarabjeet that everything has changed, and with that, I have also changed my decision. I have decided that after receiving Karan’s custody, he will settle somewhere far from them, but Vikram told you provoked me by warning him. Vikram said to me, from today, I was breaking my relationship with Aditi and was about to leave Aditi came in front of him.

Vikram told Aditi that you have some misunderstanding about that cloth and has no relationship with any girl. Aditi asked why he married her; Vikram replied that its everyone’s mistake, who was hurrying up for our marriage. Vikram told him that he couldn’t give any happiness, so we stayed apart from each other.

Aditi said she could not leave with Vikram, put a knife on her wrists, and make a deep cut. Everyone was trying to stop her, but she did not listen to anyone. Aditi fainted and fell to the ground. Sarabjeet tied a bandage, and Meher called the doctor. Harllen saw and was shocked, knowing that Aditi cut her nerve. Vikram Brought water for her, but she did not take it. Aditi was telling me she doesn’t want to live more.

Sarabjeet scolded her for speaking such nuisance. Harllen grasped Vikram’s collar and asked him why he wanted to divorce her, asked about the cloth, and told him to reveal that girl’s name. Sarabjeet calmed Harllen and said her to leave his collar. Harllen said She would call the police and lodge an FIR against him. Sarabjeet stopped her and said we would solve our personal problem with our self. The doctor arrived and treated Aditi.

Kulwant saw Amirta giving a red pouch to a strange man in which she kept her chain. Kulwant called her and. Asked about her local, but she lied and told her she has come to Yuvi school to submit her fee.

Sarabjeet, Vikram, and Meher were discussing in a room. Robbie came and kept her phone on the recording. Vikram told Sarabajeet that they are equal defaulter in the whole situation. Vikram told, he is suffering because of them. Vikram said in the past also he had suffered a lot due to his love. Meher told God is taking a test of us. Meher told Vikram to think for a while that if no one would accept her and his son, then where she would be now.

Sarabjeet told Vikram that he know Karam since he was in Meher’s womb. Sarabjeet told, he never thought any negative about her and gave him his name. Sarabajeet told, he has spent many moments with him, so how can he can apart him. Sarabjeet requested Vikram not to take him far from us. Sarabjit asked what difference he will do with him after talking about his custody. Vikram replied he would give his surname to him.

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