Kumkum bhagya 21 November 2020 Written Update : Prachi forbids Ranbir to judge Pragya

At the beginning of the episode Abhi protects Pragya when she is scared of firecrackers. Riya appreciates Abhi’s act. Pragya tells Abhi to go away saying that Riya is staring at them. Riya and Grandma laugh at seeing them. Pragya and Abhi take blessings of grandmother. They goes inside the house. Pragya does not go. Abhi is surprised to see this. And asks what happened.

Ranbir teases Prachi over sweetness of tea. And then commenting on her ring says that he also want a ring. Prachi states that he has no ring at this time. Ranbir gives her the cap of syrup bottle which is in the shape of the ring. He asks her him wear it. Prachi does the same. Sahana and Sarita are happy to see this. Sahana drops the pot and hides. Pragya wants to call Prachi and tells her about Riya. She tells Abhi that she will come in some time.

Prachi goes to see how the flowerpot falls but Sahana and Sarita disappears. Pragya calls Prachi and ask her to wish Riya on Diwali. Prachi says okay. There Abhi is happy to see Riya happy. Riya tells him that she always saw her mother in Pragya. Abhi remembers Prachi. Abhi tells Riya how he had changed after Pragya’s departure but when she came she brought happiness again in his life.

Ranbir notices that Prachi is worried. He asks her the reason for this. Prachi is calling Riya. Ranbir asks why is she is calling her. Prachi says Pragya has said. Ranbir questions Pragya’s decision and calls it wrong. Prachi forbids him to judge Pragya.

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