Barrister babu 20 November 2020 written update : Anirudh needs Greenwood sign

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh tells Bondita that Bondita will be enrolled in school, but they will need Greenwood’s signature in 24 hours.  Trilochan laughs and says Greenwood is an extraordinary man and he will not complete their work on time.  Anirudh says he will do anything for Bondita.  Trilochan thinks that Greenwood will not sign for sure.  Anirudh and Bondita go to Greenwood’s office. They wait for him to meet them.  Later Bondita notices that Anirudh is worried.  Bondita asks why he is worried.  Anirudh tells that he is concerned about Suraiya and Ramya as their problem is not solved.  Bondita consoles him.

Further, Anirudh asks a man where Greenwood is; he has been waiting for him for 3 hours.  The man tells that he has gone.  Anirudh thinks that Greenwood is such a tricky man.  He thinks of going to his house to get his signature.  But he does not know where his home is.  Bondita says they should ask Binoy.  Anirudh remembers his and Binoy’s fight.  Bondita says that he can seek help by apologizing to his father.  Anirudh is about to apologize to Binoy, but only then a man invites him to the party at Greenwood.

Anirudh gets excited to see Greenwood’s invitation letter.  He calls out to Bondita.  And Binoy Trilochan.  Both go to them.  Anirudh tells Bondita that he has got Greenwood’s address and will now get a signature on the form.  Bondita claps and is happy.  Binoy tells Trilochan that Greenwood has invited them to the party.  Trilochan says that he will not go because he too did not come to his house, which was an insult.  Binoy says he has also sent an apology letter.  And Trilochan should not spoil the relationship as they need Greenwood for their work.  Anirudh is going somewhere.  Trilochan asks him where he is going.  Anirudh says to take a signature on the form.  Binoy says he can come with them.  Anirudh refuses.  Trilochan says Binoy is right; he should come with them.  Anirudh agrees.

Further, Anirudh prepares himself for the party.  Bondita sprinkles perfume on him.  Anirudh asks her what she is doing.  Bondita says she is sprinkling fusfus on him.  Anirudh says it is called perfume.  He teaches her how to speak perfume, which Bondita is unable to speak properly.  Anirudh says she will go to learn it slowly.

Bondita says that she also wants to go to the party.  Anirudh says she is still a small child, so she cannot go.  Bondita gets angry, but Anirudh convinces her.  Bondita says she is going to Koyli.  Anirudh says, okay.  Anirudh reaches the party with Binoy and Trilochan.  Trilochan tells them that they should not bring the father and son to fight here.  Anirudh says, okay.  Saurav further tells Bondita about Suraiya and Ramya.  He says that the diamond market girls are in trouble.  Bondita tells Sourav that Anirudh has gone to the Wood stock house for the party.  Sourav thinks about going there.  Bondita also wants to come with him.

Anirudh asks a man how much Greenwood will make them wait. The man says he will come soon till then enjoy the drink. Anirudh says he has not come here to get drinks. He Came for some urgent work. That’s when Greenwood comes there with a stick.

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