Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23 November 2020 Written Update : Ridhima say yes for marriage

At the beginning of the episode, Kabir gave sic hours time and went off. Ridhima was thinking about it that he can do anything with Ishani and her baby. She thinks for an idea in her mind. Vihan tosses a coin to predict the situation that Preeti will come or not and adds that there is no option of losing in my game.

Anupriya made sweet rice for everyone, and Chanchal told Kabir to also made the cake one day. These days too many sweets are coming. Aryan said to her mom that he feels like something will happen badly, and suddenly Ridima entered, allowed for her slap, and told him not to trouble his family what she has done. Aryan actuated and said to her to say sorry by her heart.

Anupriya requested Dadi to eat as it was sugar-free. Suddenly Ridima came and pulled the table cloth, and all food scattered around. Dadi asked her why she did so Ridhima replied she remembered about Vansh. Ishani taunted and said Ridhima needs a doctor.

Ridhima sits with Siya and thanks God for her return. Anupriya tries to frighten her by pillow but smiles and says that she will be protective until death comes. Siya cries. Anupriya said Dadi to think about Ridhima as she has become a widow. Dadi said she would never leave this house as she will Marry and stay here with us.

Dadi took Plate to Radhima and asked her permissions to marry Kabir. Ishani interrupted and said, dadi, that how it can be possible. Dadi said Anupriya and Chancal gave this idea to me. Dadi again asked her, and this time Kabir warns Ishani using a cutter. Ridhima was a little confused to say anything, And Ishani motivates her to say no.

Anupriya asked Ridhima; then she nods her head, and everyone remains shocked. Ishani clapped and said, your entire plan. Ridhima thought in her mind that she wishes she could say that she is doing this for her. Everyone departs. Kabir went to Ridhima with a cloth she throws, and Kabir taunted him to say Yes.

Episode end

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