Kundali bhagya 24 November 2020 Written Update : Police arrest Sarla

Sammer was waiting for Shristi at the door and Told Ganesh not to worry. He is waiting for someone; suddenly, Shristi reached, and Sammer told her not to ask too many questions as he knows his nature of asking too many questions. Shristi warns him not to prejudge his reaction as she only came here to meet her sister.

Sherlin doubted Sarla for killing his unborn baby, but Rishabh stopped him from thinking such negative as she is only pretending she will do nothing. Karan also agreed with his point. Sherlin blamed that she doesn’t take much care of her; that’s why she does not share something with her. Dadi took the support of both Karan and Rishabh. Sherlin starts crying, and Karina calms down and goes to talk with Dadi.

Mahira went to Sherlin and told her that plan we are not working up the mark, but Sherlin said she kept calm and focused on the path while Kritika came into the room and told her to take a rest and follow her. Shristi came inside the room and hugs Preeta and said she was scared when she realized that she was ill while having her fasting and came here to meet.

Karina said Dadi why she is taking the side of Carla, but Dadi said she knows everything and knows that Sarla has done nothing. The police came at the door claiming that Sarla has tried to kill someone. Janki tried to explain to them how big a liar Sherlin might have played any card. Then the policeman forcefully took her, and Janki gets shocked seeing this.

Shristi told clearly that she has kept fasting for the elder’s strength, and she can not treat it like this Karan remains silent after listening to this.

Episode end

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