Kumkum bhagya 24 November 2020 Written Update : Aliya confess her crime

At the beginning of the episode, Aliya objected that Pragya only considers Prachi as her daughter, not Rhea. Dadi said every one to listen to Pragya also. Aliya blamed Pragya by saying that Prachee has lodged an affair. Braga denies all these allegations. Rio blamed proxy for snatching everything from Rio and sending her to prison.

Aliya said that she wants to take revenge for Kaira’s death, so she is soon everything with Abhi. Pragya said her to stop reacting as Kiara is her daughter, and she loves her daughter’s quality. Aliya asked For Prachi why she is not present on this occasion and blamed her for keeping her apart. Pragya confirms to Abhi that it will not happen to Rhea. Abhi said her to leave him alone for a while, and Abhi settles down in a bad mood.

Dadi asked Pragya to attend Prachi’s call, and she went outside due to a signal problem. Rhea got to know that she would be sent to jail after Listening to this RIA cries. Prachi tried to contact Shahana, but she didn’t give any reply. Prachi called Pragya and informed her how Rhea ignored her.

Pragya got tears and said that she talks later on suddenly, Abhi came to her. Prachi explained that her mother was worried. Pragya said Abhi that no one in the world could do such things to his child. Abhi says that he gave her a special treatment rather than giving this treatment to Rhea. Abhi said he became a big man but failed to become a good father and asked her to help him in this.

Pragya calmed him and said she would fix everything. Dadi was not willing to believe that Pragya has lodged the FIR. Suddenly Abhi came searching for Aliya, and Sadi said to him that everyone is lying as Pragya can not do anything.

Aliya confesses that she has done everything to break the bond between Pragya. And she wanted them not to live happily. Abhi heard the ending line. Abhi said he doubted her before only. Rhea thought that if Rambir would misunderstand him, then how will he react. Then she cried and requested not to consider her as a bad girl.

Episode end

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