Qurbaan Hua 24 November 2020 Written Update : Chahat went to meet the dealer

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat went to talk with the factory owner there she got to know that there is no deal of selling this factory to anyone. Chahat noticed a God monument similar to that gold monument in the temple and took that with her to find the truth.

Neel was thinking about the account and thought of texting Mira. Suddenly Bhupnder called him asked him about the medicine for Dr. Baigh. Chahat found a number at the bottom of the monument and tried to contact him, but she got to know that he is not available at the moment. Chahat came home and saw several messages of her followers and get jealous and start beating him with the pillow.

Chahat warned him if he will go with any of them for dinner, then she will get angry with him then Neel asked him, but why the Chahat replied husband is his husband. Chahat and Neel shared an eye, and then Chahat made an excuse tried to twist his words.

Chahat and Vyas Ji were discussing how they will start talking with Neel. Chahat’s noticed the torn socks of Vyas Ji and asked him to change, but then Vyas said Saraswati made this for her, so it’s very precious for him than Chahat took and went to stitch those holes.

Chahat returned to the room, and Neel was trying to provoke Chahat by flirting with his fans. Then accidentally, Neel fell on Chahat and shared an eye romantically. Then Chahat received a message from Neel, and those flirting lines were for her. Then Neel said, today, what I am is because of her and thanked her.

Parmukh was talking with the dealer and said to him that he dropped the artificial monument in the factory and could not exchange it. Chahat said she would first stitch Vyas Ji socks, and then she will sit for study. Chahat’s told Neel to keep his socks in the laundry bag, which was in his pocket.

Neel thought of taking care of Dr. Baigh until Chahat is taking care of Vyas Ji. Neel told Chahat that we would stay in a hotel till his exams for no distractions than Chahat thou of going to the same hotel where that monument maker was staying. Chahat went to that room where he pulled Chahat and threw her on the bed. Neel found Chahat was missing. The dealer was moving towards Chahat.

Episode end

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