Barrister babu 23 November 2020 written update : Anirudh gets amazed seeing Saudamini

At the beginning of the episode, Greenwood gave a stick as a gift to villagers and said them to keep blind faith in him as you keep in God. Anirudh said we do not have blind faith in God as we have to believe in our God. Trilochan said, Anirudh not to explain him in detail as he is new to use. Trilochan said, Anirudh to give him details about us. Greenwood said their names with their birth details after listening to this Trilochan and Binoy were a little amazed. A boy was forcing the security to let him in as Anirudh knows him and Bondita noticed her.

Anirudh said your knowledge is impressive and requested him to sign on the form, but Green denied and said today is his birthday, and he is not having a mood of work. Greenwood said if her wife gets happy with you then he will sign this form and went off.

Trilochan said not to worry about anything and advised him to give flowers to her wife as women get happy seeing flowers. Greenwood introduced her wife, and she slowly came downstairs. Anirudh was amazed to see Saudamini as her new wife. Anirudh took back his hands. Everyone gave gifts to Saudamini.

Greenwood and Saudamini went to them and said he did not like them as they did not welcome her wife. Saudamini says to fine and then introduced herself to them and asked are they happy to see me. Saudamini took flowers from Anirudh and said, him to enjoy the party.

Bondita was searching for his husband at the party. And she was amazed at the decoration of the party. Trilochan cursed Saudamini’s father for allowing her to Marry Greenwood. Binoy said he knows how to tackle them and was going to talk with him about his factory set-up. Trilochan advised him to talk over the farmers of our village and let him know that we will decide what will be cultivated in his village land.

Anirudh thought of going from this party as Saudamini would not allow Greenwood to sign on this form. Saudamini said one Waiter intentionally throw water on his dress in term to stop him at the party. Saudamini saw Bondita and sent one female waiter to her, and then she took Bondita with her upstairs.

A waiter brought drinks to Trilochan, but he reacted loudly and said to him to go away. Greenwood came and said Binoyt is found of drinking alcohol then why he is not drinking. Trilochan said we both brothers are not equal.

Trilochan told Binoy that he should go and purify himself as he went near to nonveg and drinks. The waitress gave a paper to her and said Anirudh said he yo give this. The waitress said to her to wear a modern dress as Anirudh has said to her. The waitress brought one costume and showed her Bibditay felt weird seeing that dress.

Saudamini said today she will make Bondita a joke and Anirudh as a ringmaster then she would feel good.

Episode end

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