Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 23 November 2020 Written Update : Virat gave responsibility to Sunny

At the beginning of the episode, Usha was worried about Sai, and suddenly Sai came with Virat. Usha praised Virat for his decision that he took to marry Sai. Virat settles down inside the house, then Usha said when he saw Virat for the first time, she thought Sai should get a partner like him, and luckily she is marrying you. Everyone took responsibility for Sai’s Marriage.

Usha said if Kamal would be alive, then he must be proud of everyone. Sai said no one would do anything. Usha tried to explain to him that there is a reason behind everything. Virat interpreted and said it’s unnecessary to so any decoration and all just we are marrying with each other is enough. Usha said it’s compulsory to do every proceeding of the marriage. Virat told Usha to take care of Sai.

Virat called Sunny and said to him to accept that he has said everything. Sunny conforms to him that he will do anything for him. Virat requested Sunny to come there with Pakhi, but sunny was confused that what he will say to Bhavani. Virat says do anything but bring her there.

Sai’s friends were praising her for luck marrying Virat and say Sai got a good fortune. Pakhi was cutting vegetables and suddenly got cut in her finger. Ashwini helped her to Bandage that cut. Pakhi thanked Ashwini for helping bro take her side in front of Mansi.

Ashwini statues Pakhi and said her to stand still Pakhi was confused about playing such a game with her. Sai’s marriage proceedings were going on, but Sai was very upset and said, you were all using me as a toy. Usha says to Sai that one day she will feel proud of his decision. Usha request Sai not to speak such negative things today.

Ashwini said to lift both her legs, but Pakhi said she would fell if she lifts her leg than Ashwini said like this just concentrate on Samrat and don’t think about Virat. Ashwini joined her hand and requested her not to trouble anymore.

All went to Virat’s house with turmeric paste and said to him to settle as everyone will apply this paste to him. Sunny came and said that Virat is coming soon. Then Sunny said he wants to talk with Pakhi about something important. Bhavini said Sunny to speak, and then Sunny said Virat is in little problem and wants him and Pakhi to come there. Virat got his wedding dress and recalled his past moment.

Episode end

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