Anupamma 23 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj, Kavya get romantic

The episode starts with Vanraj says to Kavya that she ordered something. Kavya says no. Anupama stands outside the door and waiting to open the door. Where Kavya says, wait I am opening the door. Vanraj says no and hug Kavya romantically and spend their time together, and kisses her forehead. Where Anupama stands outside and asks the waiter who the guest is living in this room, where the waiter says that it is a honeymoon suite like you have booked for yourself. Anupama thanks the waiter and thinks and leave.

Sameer tells Nandini that how you don’t like to play. See Leela; she loves to play. While Nandini explains that she fell from the swing and get injured. So she fears when she plays with the swing. But she loves to see others playing. Samar says, close your eyes and sits on the swing. He swings her. and says, keep your eyes open and feels the moment.

While Kinjal and Toshu comes and teases them and say, come to Leela’s room. Sameer says, my heart is like a can, but I will tell everything to Nandini that what I feel for Nandini. Kavya sees the arrangement and liked what Vanraj did for her. Vanraj sings a song for her, moves towards Kavya, and holds romantically where Vanraj family members play and dance, where Vanraj is dancing with Kavya and sung a song while taking in her arms.

Anupama and their family members play pillows, passing, and Ekta says that someone is arranging a surprise party for her girlfriend’s birthday party. Kinjal says to Toshu that he learns from them.

Sameer thinks that I know everything but cannot do anything.
Pillow start passing and stop on Anupama. Anupama says no and passes it to Rakhi, but then Anupama dances. Kavya says whose the family is who made this much noise. Leela and Anupama dance with each other.
Rakhi thinks it’s become dreams. Kavya told to Vanraj that it is too much noise is coming from another room.

Vanraj says I will talk to them personally. While Vanraj family members are enjoying. Vanraj keeps calling them, but due to the noise, Anupama could not hear anything. While Vanraj gets angry, but Kavya calms him down.
Rakhi thinks about how she managed to reveal Vanraj’s truth and to break their marriage. Family members are playing with each other.

Rakhi says, playing something other. Anupama says to all, let’s play badminton. Rakhi and Janki talk to each other that Vanraj and Kavya are not going on tour and stop till night.

Sameer and Nandini fell on the flower and talk to each other. While Kinjal teases Samar. Don’t wait and just tell her everything. Leela says we are middle-class family members. We have big dreams, but wishes are small. Anupama says, let wishes becomes true. Anupama says there is no age for making wishes.

Leela and Hansmukh play badminton together. While everyone enjoying it. Where Leela and Hansmukh remember their past times, Anupama thinks how they are lucky. Vanraj says to Kavya that Leela and inasmuch loves to play badminton like filmy.

Sameer stares at Nandini continuously and does not throw the ball, and Sameer continuously stares at Nandini and fell in love with her. Kavya says to Vanraj that she doesn’t want to go outside in noise for her birthday. Vanraj says it’s your birthday. And thinks that she doesn’t know what they did for her.

Episode end

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