Yeh Hain Chahtein 23 November 2020 Written Update : Mahima want Sransh back

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha was shocked to hear that Mahima will take off Saransh from him. Mahima told her to want his son back as she can not stay away from him anymore. Preesha says that Saransh considers her as a mother from his childhood and how he can accept the truth he might get mentally hurt.

Mahima started requesting Preesha to give his child back. Ahana was feeling angry as she was not able to get inside, suddenly Saransh came said that all crackers are over now than Ahana played a trick and said that she has hidden some crackers inside and went with him inside. Preesha was totally confused about what to do.

Mahima says she can not live without Saransh anymore and requested Preesha to make Saransh aware of the truth. Gps said we have to think before doing anything. Sharadha said Preesha that she could only tell Saransh about the truth, and suddenly Saransh came and heard this and started asking Preesha about that.

Preesha asked Saransh why he came inside as Rudkraksh said him to stay out than Saransh replied that he came with Ahana as she has hidden some crackers upstairs and then went off. Preesha told her she has to discuss this with Rudkraksh before giving any conclusion as Saransh consider him as his father.

Rudkraksh was explaining Shardha and Balraj about the Mahima story. Preesha Came and told Rudkraksh that she wants to talk with him. Spanish get angry with Ahana when he did not get the crackers in her room. Rudkraksh came into his room with Preesha. Preesha said she would reveal the truth, which she hid for many years. Then Rudkraksh said that he knows everything, just waiting for you to speak the truth.

Rukdkrash explained how he got to know about the truth. Then he hugged Preesha, and Preesha said it’s his fault, but she never bothers about this. Rukdkrash made her feel easy and said it’s not a big matter. And said he was little guilt by recalling that Preesha is a lover of my Brother, but now he is relaxed after knowing this. Preesha said Rudkraksh that Mahima wants Saransh back Rudkraksh came into aggression and said Saransh would not go anywhere.

Preesha said Mahima is online having Saransh with him and tried to explain to him that she can not hurt her like this. Rudkraksh was not listening to anything and was not ready to let Saransh go anywhere and went to Mahima to tell her that no one can spare Saransh from him.

Ahana went to Sharadha and Balraj in search of Rudkraksh and tried to manipulate them against Preesha, but Shardha took their side and told her how Saransh would react. Rukdkrash went to Mahima and shows her the sympathetic gesture and told Saransh will not go anywhere. Mahima said she is only here because of him as she lost his love and can not stay without Saransh.

Episode end

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