Shaadi Mubarak 23 November 2020 Written Update : Preeti confronts Nandini

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum was blaming Nandini for breaking KT’s heart. Then Preeti started talking to Nandini politely and told her that KT is still in pain from their failed marriage, and he still wants to know why Nandini left her and broken their beautiful love journey. Preeti pleased to Nandini meet him once; at this Nandini said that he needs some time for this meeting and also added that she could meet KT after 12 PM of next day. They all were just to leave the cafe, but Kusum called KT, as he was passing through the same cafe.

Nandini told her that she cannot meet KT now, so Preeti asks her to hide her face through the veil. KT saw Nandini in a veil and recognized her as Shalini. Preeti asks Kusum to see off Nandini. Preeti apologized to KT once again, but KT told them that he will never get attached to any person, any business, and will be cool as he was earlier. After KT left, Preeti decided that she will make Nandini apologize to KT.

Nandini told Arjun that no one should get to know that Nandini and Shalini are the same before their marriage. Preeti told Kusum about the unique marriage they are organizing where it is not fixed that whether the groom will come or not. Arjun said to Nandini that before her marriage, he wants to meet KT to understand his father and establish a bond with him. Preeti told Kusum that while working on this project, KT relives his past. Arjun promised Nandini that no one would get to know about her before their marriage.

KT’s family came to the marriage garden, and there they meet Arjun. Neelima said that she is unique gets attached to Arjun, then Preeti asks Arjun to get his mother for Gori Pujan. Nandini in veil reached Puja’s place; there, Pandit Ji asks Nandini to write her name and her husband’s name on the same plate while everyone is observing because everyone wants to know the name of the groom. Nandini wrote something which shocked everyone.

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