Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 November 2020 Written Update : Gayu was willing to call the cops

At the beginning of the episode, Gayu shouted Vansh is not able to stand on his legs. Everyone was shocked and confused. Then Gayu said Kairav had done everything because of him Vansh can not run or play anymore. Kartik came stopped her from blaming him like this. Gayu started asking Naira for this, but Naira was silent.

Gayu said Kartik to ask him why Vansh jumped. Kairav, in a slow voice, said about the challenge he got from the seniors, then he explained them in detail. Gayu told because of one challenge, and you made him Jump. Gayu said Kairav would have motivated to do such a challenge. Everyone was trying to explain to Gayu that Kairav can not do such a thing.

Gayu said every time Kairav do mistakes, and everyone has to suffer. Gayu taunted Naira for her fate and upbringing. Gayu was continuously telling Naira to do them justice or else she will call the police. Naira recalled her past moment.

Kartik tried to calm Gayu and said, first we need to recover Vansh, then we will discuss what we have to do with Kairav. Secretly Kairav escaped from there. Gayu was asking Naira to do them justice and say something. Kartik saw Kairav running and went following him on the road. Kairav was running on the road, and Kartik was telling him to stop. Kartik grasped Kairav and said to him, to tell the truth and not run like this.

Kairav was scared of the police and again ran from there. Dadi was praying to God to help us in this challenging situation. Suddenly came in front of a truck and as safe as the truck driver applied the brake at the right time. Kairav was telling that Naira will send him to jail to save him. Kartik said Naira not to come close to Kairav for a while.

Kartik came with Kairav and closed the door. Naira was requesting Kartik to open the door. Kairav was also insisting not to open the door, and suddenly he felt difficulty in breathing. Kartik calmed him and said him to rest for some time, and he will go to Naira and tell her not to come inside. Kartik went out and said Naira that Kairav does not want to meet him at that moment. Naira said it never happened like this. Naira started asking what Kairav said to him.

Kairav was crying and recalling how Naira scolded her. Naira stabbed the painting in which he drew Naira. Naira was eager to meet Kairav, but Kartik stopped her and said he is scared of him. Kartik said he is sharing something with me, so I do not want to break his trust, so you will not go near Kairav until I say.

Episode end

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