Nagin 5 22 November 2020 written update – Markat makes a fake Bani and tells her to kill Veer

Jai is also shocked to see Bani in a glass box at the beginning of the episode.  Veer thinks that Bani was outside, so how did she come here.  Bani thinks that she is the smartest; no one can beat her.  Jai asks Bani how she came out.  Markat asks Jai that he need to comes out with the box.  She says he should divert others and bring Bani out.  The rest she will take care of.  Ritu and her daughters are happy to see the gift.  Balwant calls them hairless.  Because Bani is imprisoned and they are having fun.

Jai presents Meher and thinks he can take advantage of this opportunity.  But he is shocked to see two Bani.  And thinks about how it can happen.  He asks her how she is here.  Bani says, where did he want to take her.  Jai says that he was taking her away from Veer.

Bani says he should not do drama.  Jai decides that he will bring out his true form.  He tells Bani that he hates her because she gets all the powers, but he gets nothing.  He adds that he cannot even roam around her like Veer.  Bani says that he cannot even become a good man like Veer.  He says he does not even want to be.

Bani further learns that Jai and Veer are both the sons of Markat.  She tells Bani that she also knows how she wants to expose her to Veer.  But she did not allow this to happen.  Bani asks her about Veer.  She does not answer her and sends her to a place where she cannot come back.

Bani is worried about Veer.  Markat makes a fake Bani and tells her to kill Veer.  Veer becomes conscious; he is happy to see the fake bani.  Veer asks her to come to him.  Meera comes.  Fake Bani thinks who she is.  Markat tells her.  Meera finds Bani’s behavior strange.  Bani takes Veer to talk alone.  There Bani does orgy.  Veer catches fake Bani.  Veer sets out to find the real Bani.

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