Kundali bhagya 23 November 2020 Written Update : Sherlyn pretends to be unconscious

At the beginning of the episode, Karan asks Preeta to eat something. Preeta refuses. Karan gets angry and scolds Preeta and walks out. Mahira says Preeta must eat something. Because she cannot win Karan’s heart by doing such plays. She tries to forcefully feed her. She says that no one can stop her today. She tries to put food in her mouth. But Preeta drops the plate.

Karan angrily says what is the benefit of keeping Karvachauth. He misquotes that women have to starve because of man. And now Preeta’s condition is bad due to hunger. And she is not eating anything. He is sad to see Preeta’s condition. And says that he cannot see her like this. Karan notices that Girish is crying. He asks her the reason for this. He tells that he is worried about Preeta. Karan consoles him and says Preeta will get well soon. Preeta tells Mahira that she will observe Karvachauth’s fast honestly and will not break at any cost. She tells her to go from there.

Mahira tells Preeta that she wanted to comfortably feed Preeta, but now that she is not eating, she will have to do something big. And Preeta should not blame her for this because he has forced her to do so. Sherlyn asks Mahira about Preeta. Mahira says she did not eat anything but her condition is bad. Ramona assigns Sherlyn a task. Rishabh believes that food cannot be poisoned.

Sherlyn pretends to be unconscious. The doctor checks hee. Mahira states that the cat died after eating Sarla’s laddus. She accuses Sarla of poisoning laddus. Everyone is shocked.

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