Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25 November 2020 Written Update : Ridhima changed her plan

At the beginning of the episode, Anupriya gave sweets to Riddhima. She moreover urges Kabir to favorable cloth to Riddhima. Riddhima remembers her flashes with Vansh and shuts her sights. Chanchal and Aryan leaves. Daadi states she will discern them. Anupriya and Kabir sneer. There, Vihaan does exercise and thinks if he required a high cost from Riddhima. He moreover says she will manage it because she is under stress.

Vihaan thinks about the capital. Anupriya tells Riddhima that she will not devise her life in the union. She asks Riddhima to embrace her to hell. Riddhima chooses to arrange the payment soon. Another side, Ishani states she can’t have this show anymore. She brings out the poison.

Angie believes Ishani is going to use poison and holds her. He asks her to think about the real breathing inside her. Ishani gets mad at Angre and says she is not the one who suicide. She says she brought the bottle for Riddhima because she is going to give Vansh place to Kabir. Kabir decides to panic Riddhima.

Riddhima makes a fair deal with Kabir for partnering with him. She asks Kabir to end all prove against Vansh if he wants to marry her. She asks Kabir also to clear the criminal record of Vansh from the police record. Kabir asks Riddhima what if he will not do it. Riddhima says that she will consume poison and will expire. She says, along with her, his dream of empowering Vansh’s business will die too.

Riddhima gives one hour to Kabir. Kabir reaches, confused. Another side, Angre console Ishani and assures her that they will find Vansh’s culprit soon. Ishani squeezes Angre. Later, Kabir, in front of Riddhima, destroys all proves against Vansh. He says to Riddhima no use of her drama because Vansh is no more.

Riddhima tells Vansh will get peace in heaven seeing this. She further thinks for the future game, and it was needed. Then, Riddhima reminisces about how he protected Vansh’s watch from getting hurt.

Kabir revives Riddhima’s word and gets mad. Anupriya requests Kabir to soothe down. Kabir queries how suddenly Riddhima is attacking him back. He decides to find who is giving strength to Riddhima. Here, Riddhima serves money back. She talks with Vansh’s image and says she is doing everything for her family’s welfare. She says she is going to bring Vihaan back.

Episode end

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