Qurbaan Hua 26 November 2020 Written Update : Neel slapped Bhupender

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat ran towards the inspector and told him why they had arrested them. Police said they should feel ashamed of doing such things publicly. Then Neel said to her that the police are saying something else, and she is saying something else.

Neel was blaming Chahat for bringing him to this cheap place. Suddenly police came and said to them that this is not a lovers point that they are talking with each other. Neel explains to him that Chahat brought him to this cheap place but inspector doubt on them and locks there hand to each other.

Chahat said that she wanted to go to the washroom, then the policeman said, you both pretended to be husband and wife so go with each other to the washroom. Chahat toom Neel to the washroom and trying to use her pin to open the locks, but Neel tells her not to do so. Suddenly shower tao gets open, and both of them got wet and shared an eye.

Chahat wipes water from Neel’s face. Suddenly, the constable said them to come out. Chahat came down and saw the dealer and went to him, but he was scared of her. Suddenly Vyas Ji and Alekh came there and scolded them for coming to such a place. Alekh winked his eye towards the dealer, and he immediately escaped from there. Neel followed him and caught him.

Chahat came acknowledged Neel about the artificial monument which he has made. Vyas hi said who has done this cheap activity. Neel grasped his collar and asked him who had told him to do this. Dealer took Bhupnder name, but no one was willing to accept this. Alekh said that once we should allow the inspector to Search in his bakery.

The police came and started their investigation. Neel wished that they should not see Dr. Baigh. Suddenly one police inspector went to the storeroom and found nothing. Suddenly Bhupnder came, and a lady constable found the artificial monument. All were shocked, and Neel slapped Bhupnder.

Bhupender was trying to convince them that he has not done anything. Chahat stopped Neel and said she itself Bring that artificial monument and how it could be here. Police Found someone clothes and doubted that Bhupender has a gang to operate this plan.

Episode end

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