Barrister babu 25 November 2020 written update : Challange for Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh speaks to Bondita: Ramaiya Suraiya, at Greenwood’s party Bondita says, but why has she gone there Anirudh speaks, I did not want to send him to that hell.Greenwood asks to clear Binoy by dropping a drink on his shoes. Are you kidding with me? says Binoy Greenwood reply with jokes like younger people. That’s why Saudamini says with the respect that when they have already decided to clean the shoes, then let them do it. Trinochan stopped when Binoy’s shoes seemed to be cleaned and said, what are you doing? You don’t care about your honor Saudamini says how Roy Chowdary can see his brother clearing the shoes of an Englishman. If you want factory and farmer’s land, then you have to drink alcohol. Trilochan says that you do not know the past of your wife from Greenwood.

Trilochan tells Saudamini’s past, then Greenwood starts laughing, and Saudamini speaks all they know about me. Speaking of Greenwood, you did not insult me in front of everyone, neither in front of everyone. The same is happening to you today. Binoy Trilochan starts going to the party, only then Saudamini stops and says, go see the dance. The dance starts, and she saw friends Dancing with Bondita, then Anirudh reaches the party.

Anirudh stopped when he was throwing money at English girls. Anirudh asks for girls who brought you this. That’s when Greenwood spoke; I called him for the work of his fellow people. Anirudh shout and speak She is not a closet Anirudh tells the girls, Come on from here, Saudamini speaks while stopping Are these girls landlord Girls are also called in the party of the landlords says, Greenwood.

Bondita speaks to Anirudh that these girls should also study; Anirudh speaks, yes, these girls will also study with you. Anirudh requests to Greenwood Girls should get a chance to study and move forward. Greenwood speaks But you will get your talent. Have to Competition for the rights of boys. Saudamini says if she loses, then you all have to be our servant for a lifetime.

Episode end.

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