Kundali bhagya 26 November 2020 Written Update : Reports proved Sarla wrong

At the beginning of the episode, Janki acknowledged Preeta about Sarla arresting Sherlin’s complaint. Preeta and Sristy were asking Sherlin that why she did that. Rishabh asks Sherlin that why she called and police and made Sarla arrest. Sherlin shouted at Rishabh for not trusting her and just get influenced by someone else. Rishabh again said her give a simple answer as to why she has arrests Sarla. Sherlin said Sarala was trying to kill her unborn child. Everyone gets shocked.

Sherlin said Sarla mixed poison into those sweets I ate and got unwell, but no one believed me because everyone had blind faith in her. Karan objected and said Sarla had done nothing; it is just a misunderstanding. Mahira, said Sherlin that she believe her words. Janki shouted at him and said which mother will think to poison her daughter.

Karan also continued and said Janki is telling the truth. Sherlin said I couldn’t get it; why are you all not understanding her? and started crying. Karena toom stands and asked everyone to remain silent and said that she was willing to lodge a case against Arora. Sristy came forward and said Sherlin is trying to play a sympathy card using a fake story.

Sherlin said that it’s obvious, and she is fighting for her child. And she has no guilty for arresting Sarla. Preeta shouts about going to jail and Meet Sarla. She was feeling pain in her stomach though she took an auto and went there.

Mahira was pleased about all this drama, and her mother called and told her to wait for more. Preeta went to jail and said she knew she is innocent. Sarla insisted Preeta to go back and complete her fasting. Sherlin told Rishabh to take a stand for him. Suddenly, they noticed Preeta was missing.

Mahira informed everyone that Preeta went to her mother. Sherlin made a call to the doctor and asked her about the report, and the doctor claimed that sweets had poison in them. Mahira was feeling lucky for not eating those sweets. Karan and Rishabh claimed that something is fishy. Kareena told them to get off her house.

Episode end

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