Shakti 25 November 2020 Written Update : Preeto got shocked

At the beginning of the episode, Virat shouted at Heer. Heer told him that Simran is pregnant, and she is in love with someone. Heer explained the reason behind her lie. Heer said we need to help Simran. Virat told Heer that hiding the truth is wrong. Everyone will get to know the truth. Heer asked Virat that he will support her or not? Virat said that if anything would happen with Heer or Simran, he will tell the truth. Heer told Virat to be positive. Simran came to Heer, and hug her, and also shown gratitude to her for helping her.

Heer told Simran to ask Arjun to come home and talk to their parents about their marriage. Simran started crying and also apologized for the rude behavior she had done with Heer. Heer said that they are friends now. Preeto told Veera to stay some days without his wife.

Veera asked where she has gone. Preeto said she had sent Shanoo to Malika’s home to understand that Kinnars are also humans. Suddenly Parmeet arrived with a beating plate. Parmeet said she has come to announce the good news. Parmeet said if Preeto would be at the plate with her, then only she will tell the good news. Payment and Preeto have together beaten the plates. Parmeet said Heer is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked.

Parmeet invited Preeto to come to her home and ask her to celebrate together. Payment took Preeto to her house. Arjun said to Simran that they can still abort and plan for the baby in the future. Simran denied an abortion and asked him to come home along with her. Arjun said; First, he will talk to his parents, then, the next day evening, he will speak to Simran’s parents about marriage. Tejinder prays to God for a healthy and lovely baby. Payment arrived with Preeto.

Tejinder congratulates Preeto. Parmeet asks Gurvinder to call Heer, but Preeto said that she would meet Heer personally. Preeto asks Heer why she lied, even if she cannot be pregnant. Preeto asks Heer to tell the truth. Preeto was trying to hold Heer’s hand, then suddenly Virat came there and stopped her.

Virat requests Preeto to hide the truth. Virat said he would support Heer. Preeto said Heer is her granddaughter. Heer stopped Preeto and told them that she has her in-laws’ duty first.

Preeto told Virat that he had promised her that Preeto would take every decision for Heer, but now he is breaking that promise. Preeto said, hiding the truth is wrong. Heer asks Preeto what is wrong with this she will mother in future. Preeto said she would tell everyone the truth, even if she got insulted for not giving good manners to her granddaughter. Preeto left the room.

Episode end

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