Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30 November 2020 Written Update : Vihan’s shocking entry

At the beginning of the episode, Pandit Ji asks Riddhima to put varmala on Kabir’s neck. Riddhima thinks that Vihaan did not come, which means this is the end. She put varmala on Kabir’s neck. Kabir says that did not he say that Riddhima will not be able to do anything. He calls her Mrs. Kabir Singhania. He says she should get used to this name now. Riddhima thinks that she should die better than being Kabir’s wife. Pandit Ji asks who will do Kanyadan ritual. Kabir asks the grandmother to do this auspicious thing. Grandmother did it with a sad heart. Kabir says to Riddhima that Dadi loves Vansh the most and today she handed over Riddhima to him.

Riddhima says that Vihaan has left no option now she need to die if she wants to stop this wedding nonsense. Further, Pandit Ji asks Kabir to donate Mangalsutra. But the mangalsutra disappeared. Ishani is the one who hides the mangalsutra. Riddhima and Angre learn that Ishani did it. Riddhima feels thankful. While Angre appreciates Ishani. Whereas Kabir gives money to Pandit Ji and Pandit Ji makes him do wedding rounds without Mangalsutra. Before the final round is completed, Riddhima spreads smoke in the pavilion and is about to drink poison, but then Vihaan comes. Riddhima stops herself.

Vihaan says this marriage is false. He flashes towards the family and everyone is shocked to see him. Riddhima becomes happy. Dadi gets surprised and falls to the ground. Riddhima hugs Vihaan. Grandmother says her Vansh arrived. Riddhima asks Vihaan what kind of way is this to come. Vihaan says that the entry of the hero is like this. Further, Vihaan flares towards Kabir and says that Vansh has returned to his princely state. Will, they did not welcome him? Vihaan touches grandmother’s feet. Dadi says that she is very happy that he returned. Vihaan hugs her. Anupriya says how can this happen. She says she did not have such a bad dream. Kabir says this cannot be Vansh. Vihaan goes to Ishani. Ishani tells Vihaan to stay away from her. Riddhima thinks that Ishani has doubts about Vansh’s identity. Ishani starts leaving, but Vihaan stops her and hugs her. He asks about Siya. Ishani says she is still unconscious.

Vihaan says that he will fix everything now. Vihaan meets Chanchal. Riddhima thinks Vihaan is playing a good game. Anupriya shows false love to Vansh. Kabir asks Vsnsh where are his bruises. Vihaan sees some marks on him. Vihaan asks Anupriya what his enemy is doing here. Anupriya tells him a false story, which Vansh refuses to believe.

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