Kumkum bhagya 1 December 2020 Written Update : Meera console Riya

Ranbir is about to leave the house at the beginning of the episode. Dadi tells Pallavi that she will not let him go. Vikram tries to stop Ranbir. Ranbir says he cannot stop because the guys are against his love and he cannot live without Prachi. Vikram and Dadi try to make understand Ranbir that what he is doing is wrong but Ranbir does not listen to them. Pallavi angrily says go if you want to but you will not get our will. Ranbir says he does not need a will or money. He will spend life with Prachi without money.

Pallavi asks Ranbir how he can leave her for Prachi. She does not want to let him go. Ranbir says that he knows that Pallavi will accept his love. Pallavi says this will never happen because she does not like Prachi at all. Pallavi says if you go then never come back home after this. She adds now their relationship ends. Vikram and grandmother ask Pallavi to calm down. Pallavi says that when Ranbir does not care about us, then we should not worry about him either.

Ranbir apologizes to Pallavi. He says he does not want money just wants blessings. Pallavi says she will not give him any blessings. Ranbir says okay He promises that he will not come back now. He goes. Pallavi is unable to bear this pain and has a heart attack. Ranbir comes to Pallavi. He promises that he will not leave Pallavi. Pallavi faints. Vikram calls the doctor.

Meera tells Riya to calm down. She says she will take care of her and will not let anything go wrong. Riya cries. Meera handles her. Sarita asks Prachi about Pragya. Sahana says maybe Pragya is sad because of Riya. Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir promises his mother that he will not go anywhere. Riya says why her mother doesn’t love her. Aaliya tells her to calm down. Abhi calls Prachi. Sarita says Prachi should tell all the truth to Abhi. Pragya is sad about Riya.

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