Qurbaan Hua 1 December 2020 Written Update : Chahat secret got revealed

At the beginning of the episode, Godhmbhari said she was helpless, so she sold these bangles. Chahat, said Godhmbari that she should inform anyone in the house and also said that Neel is a little sensitive towards Saraswati’s belongings.

Neel acknowledged Bhupender that he is tracking Chahat as she is a little careless, so he has turned on her GPS tracker. Suddenly Neel went there in front of Godhmbhari and Saud her to speak the truth. Godgambhari said she has not done anything just blackmailer blackmailed him for the money. Neel believed her and said she yo call him at the factory. Neel made Chahat do sit-ups for coming Alone to catch the culprit, then Chahat made Neel do sit-ups for bringing those cheats. Then both Neel and Chahat were fighting and telling each other fool. They asked Bhupender to decide who is more foolish than Bhupender denied to say anything. Suddenly Godhmbari came and said that blackmailer had called her behind the factory within 30 min.

Vyas Ji discussed with Alekh about buying the one part of the land of the factory for Neel as he can shoot his videos there. Vyas Ji and Jamunaparshad went to talk with the owner of the factory. Alekh thought that he has done something before things go worst. Neel said Chahat and Godhmbhari to stay out of the factory but Chahat said she will not leave Neel alone after that last incident. Then both of them went inside and in different directions. Chahat noticed her father’s watch lying down, suddenly she saw a man with a gun and started panicking.

Neel dragged Chahat back and tried to fool the man by making a Barking noise. Then Neel was going close He suddenly got muffled with boxes and the man pointed his gun towards Neel. Neel kicked on his hand and grasped his collar and started shouting at him, and uncovered his face. Chahat got frightened seeing that man who works for Gazala. Suddenly Vyas Ji and Alekh came there, and Godhmbhari came and informed them about the blackmailer.

Suddenly the driver of Gazlaa shouted that only he knows the truth about Chahat. Chahat and Neel got frightened, and others were confused. Godhmbari came forward and slapped him and said him not to make fake blame on Chahat. Suddenly police came and arrested him and were about to take him. Ar last he again shouted and said believe me Chahat is of the Muslim religion.

Episode end

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