Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 30 November 2020 Written Update : Sai had been criticised by Virat family

At the beginning of the episode, the Virat family was not accepting Sai, and Virat to send her back. Usha took a stand for Sai and said that one day you all will feel proud of Sai as Kamal has given her good values. Sonali insults Usha and said her maid. Sai said she is not her maid she is like her mother. Virat said she has brought us here and she will stay with us. Sai started crying and thought she never wanted to create any scene. Pakhi said Virat is having a solution for this.

Bhavani said this matrimony happened in front of you why didn’t you stop him. Pakhi said I tried to stop him and I don’t think he was driven. Karishma states Mohit called to notify you but Virat prevented us. Bhavani said she will not admit this matrimony. Leave this girl wherever you drew her from. She is nevermore going to be this family’s part.

Virat requests Bhavani not to be angry with him, but Sai and Usha will tarry here. Pakhi says nothing is in our hands, God is there to decide everything, and we should accept it. Ashwini thanks Pakhi for understanding and explaining to others. Shivani says now marriage is done. She praises Sai and welcomes her in. Ashwini says my Son never lies.

Bhavani says did your father show you to chat like this with seniors. Virat says Sai is the daughter of a very noble and great policeman. Sai amputated 12 and she will be a very good student. Bhavani says that’s why she deceived you to use you. Sunny says Sai is not like you think of her. Shivani asks Ashwini to take Sai inside the house and asks her to serve for Sai’s approach.

Devyani asks who is she. Shivani says this is Sai, Devyani says does this mean I am wrong. Devyani says she is so pretty. She asks Sai if someone criticized her. Devyani says to Sai that Patralekha desires Virat a lot. She says Sai to be precise otherwise like Virat’s father Virat also starts hearing to his Bhabhi only. Sunny gets her inside.

Ashwini requests Karishma to prepare for the welcome. Bhavani says I haven’t allowed her yet. Ninad tells Ashwini to tarry within the limit. Ashwini asks him to be low in front of the new bride he can yell later. Ashwini embraces Sai inside the house after ending the rituals. Devyani says Patralekha came into the house with the opposite leg that’s why her husband left.

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