Yeh Hain Chahtein 30 November 2020 Written Update : Preesha risks her life

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha was searching for Mahima in the house. Then she went to the terrace and shouted her name. Suddenly Preesha sees Mahima was walking on the offside railings and got shocked. Preesha shouted a lot of time to stop her, but she was not stopping. Suddenly Sharadha woke up and started panicking and requested Gps to call Mahima now. Mahima was not attending the call. Then they called Preesha.

Saransh woke up and started searching for Pressha, and at the same time phone rang, and Saransh picked the call and informed her that Preesha is missing. Sarah said she might be with Mahima, then he went to Mahima’s room and informed her that both of them are missing. Sharadha said to him that they are coming to him immediately.

Saransh went to inform Rudkraksh. Preesha crossed the fencing and started walking on the railings to save Mahima. Mahima was on the edges, and Preesha dragged her back than Mahima regained her senses and got frightened to see herself there. Yuvraj was eating at the roadside and started him to join him in his business suddenly he noticed Gps repairing his car.

Yuvraj went to them and asked them for help, but Gps was ignoring him, but Sharadha convinced him to go with him to Khurana’s house. Saransh waked Rudkraksh and said Mahima and Preesha are missing. Rudkraksh called everyone and informed everyone about the missing of Preesha and Mahima. Balraj started scolding him for troubling his family like this midnight. Gps and Sharadha dropped them and thought of taking information about the inside story. Balraj went to sleep.

Gps and Sharadha came inside, and all of them started searching for them. Yuvraj took a risk and went inside the house and hid under the table. Preesha was trying to cross the fence with Mahima, but Mahima was not able to cross. Mahima started saying that she will jump from here and not trouble you anymore. Yuvraj went upstairs secretly. Preesha said if she will jump than she will to join him. And everyone would be wasted. Preesha said to her to do what she says to her.

Episode end

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