Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 November 2020 Written Update : A good day for Naira

Today’s episode started with a little twist, Naira and Kartik were cycling, and Naira saved a boy from getting hit by a truck, and Kartik praises him for that then they moved on. Naira and Kartik came to their flat and started a discussion on proceeding works. A flashback played, and now Kartik and Naira were in different flats with their maid complaining about the tea to the maid.

Naira was cooking, and the Maid was pampering Akshara. Naira said when Akshara will start speaking she will make her quiet first. Naira made Kartik’s favorite dish and suspended it from the balcony, and Kartik took that inside the house and suddenly Kairav came and hugged Kartik. Kairav saw Kachori and a smiley emoji on it with tomato sauce and recalled about Naira and started escaping from there, but Kartik calmed him and said he has made that Kartik served juice to Kartik buy Kairav was little afraid.

Kartik and Kairav were enjoying the meal Kairav ran upstairs on the balcony and put a smiley emoji in the basket. Jairam was shouting Aai and thanked her for the meal. Naira felt happy and said it should be continued till everything gets settled. Kartik and Kairav played with each other and there Naira was dancing with Akshara after listening to Kairav’s voice.

Kartik received a call and went to meet someone. Kairav was excited to meet her. Kairav and the lady were making a and home and suddenly all collapsed. Kairav went near the water to play. The lady said Kartik that a special day is coming will he inform Naira about him.

Naira was pampering Akshara and planning how they will wish Kairav on his birthday. Kartik said the lady that Naira will not come on that day. The Lady said if Naira got to know about this from another source, then she might feel upset. Kartik thought for a while.

Episode end

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