Anupamma 30 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj wants to leave the house

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi cries and tells Anupama that she wants both her parents to be together. Vanraj comes. He wants to talk to Pakhi. But Pakhi does not listen to him and leaves. Anupama is going to follow her. But Vanraj holds her hand. He curses her that his family is against him because of her. He says that she is the cause of everyone’s trouble. He says she is like a housekeeper. Which he does not need anymore. He says if she leaves then he will take care of it all. Anupama says okay she will leave. Samar listens to their words. He goes to tell everyone about Vanraj.

Vanraj wants Anupama to tell everyone that she wants to leave the house. Samar tells about the act of Vanraj. Anupama tells Babuji that she wants to leave this house. Because her life has lost affection but she does not want to lose respect. So she wants to leave this house. Babuji says that if she is the goddess of this house then how can she leave this house. Anupama says that she is broken and the broken statue is not kept at home. Anupama says she cannot live here because if she stays here now, she will die by suffocating. Vanraj says stop the nonsense and get out of the house. Babuji says if she wants to go then she can go. Babuji asks Samar to get the papers of the house. Vanraj says that a daughter-in-law can never replace a son.

There, Anirudh calls Kavya and says that Vanraj and Kavya are caught but Vanraj still does not come to her because he belongs to his family and Kavya does not matter to him in front of his family. Kavya hangs up the phone and thinks that if Anirudh is telling the truth. Babuji tore the papers of the house in front of Vanraj. He says that he has broken the ego of Vanraj today. And now he will make his will in the name of Anupama.

Since this house is now Anupama’s, then Anupama will decide whether Vanraj will stay here or not. Vanraj is amazed. Vanraj says if Babuji is cares more about his daughter-in-law then it is fine. He goes from there. Anupama is surprised. Vanraj’s eyes are moist. He enters his room. And starts packing his things. Leela comes to Vanraj’s room. Leela tells Vanraj whether Vanraj will leave her and this house. Vanraj says they left him. Leela reveals her grief to Vanraj. Vanraj says Anupama spoiled everything. Anupama tells Babuji that they should not do this. Babuji says this is the punishment of Vanraj.

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