Shaadi Mubarak 30 November 2020 Written Update :Neelima is upset With Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, KT’s father decorates his house. He sees that Neelima and Sneha are sitting. He tells them to prepare for Preeti’s reception. Neelima says that she will not welcome Preeti because she knows that Preeti has created this game for money. KT’s father tells Neel to prepare for worship. Neel is confused because he does not know how to do this worship. That’s when Preeti arrives. Everyone sees that Preeti has come alone. They asks Preeti where KT is. Preeti says that he did not come with her. KT’s father says no problem. They should welcome Preeti alone. Neelima says that a wife is not welcomed at home without a husband. She taunts Preeti. And calls her a greedy woman. KT’s father tells her to keep calm.

Kusum reaches home. Juhi asks her about Preeti but she doesn’t say anything. There Nandani curses Arjuna for her defeat. She calls him a spreader. Arjun feels sad. He promises that he will fix everything. But Nandni says that she does not need his help. Now she will do something by herself.

KT’s father, uncle and Neel welcome Preeti and ask her to rest. KT’s father further asks Neel to call KT. He reveals that he is worried about KT. He did not want to reveal this thing to Preeti so he didn’t say anything at that time. But he wants to know why KT did not come with Preeti. Juhi is not convinced that her mother got married, whereas earlier she was not ready to do this marriage. Neel brings Preeti in KT’s room and asks her to rest.

When Kusum sees that Juhi is sad. She then make Juhi understands that Juhi should support Preeti and be happy in her happiness. Preeti coughs there. She tries to open the water bottle but the bottle does not open.

There Juhi says that she understands Kusum. But she is upset at the idea of ​​sharing Preeti but she will bear this much for her happiness. Preeti looks at in the mirror while drinking water. She remembers KT after seeing vermilion on her forehead. Juhi wants to meet Preeti. Kusum says they will go to meet her tomorrow. While Preeti is upset wondering why KT has not come home yet. She calls him. But KT does not pick up the phone. She thinks about messaging him and hears his old voice note and believes that KT will come soon. Preeti falls asleep. In the night, Nandni calls Preeti and tells that KT is standing outside her hotel room.

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