Kumkum bhagya 30 November 2020 Written Update : Prachi curses Riya

At the beginning of the episode, Prachi tells Riya that she thought she would hug her.  Riya says she will never do this because she hates her and Pragya and now both of them do not matter to her.  Pragya tries to calm Riya.  But Riya shouts.  She accuses Pragya, taunts her, and calls her the world’s worst mother.  Prachi says Pragya has always loved Riya.  She would make cupcakes for her on her birthday and collect gifts for her.  Riya says this is what Pragya said to her.  Prachi tells her to feel these feelings.

Riya says that she has suffered alone for twenty years and in the end she got pain.  Pragya apologizes.  Riya does not accept her apology and breaks all ties with Pragya.  She tells Mithali to close the door.  Aaliya is happy while Meera is amazed.  Ranbir calls Prachi.  Sarita picks up the phone.  He asks her about Prachi.  Sarita says she is not at home, what is the matter.  Ranbir tells him that he is coming to their house.

Pragya wants to talk to Riya.  Meera feels that Pragya is a cheater.  Riya is unhappy and everyone comforts her.  Pragya cries.  Prachi taunts Riya.  She calls her a bad daughter and says that good happened that she was not with them.  Because she does not deserve to have a mother like Pragya.  Riya says Pragya did wrong by filing a case against her.

Prachi says she did not do this.  She curses Riya for her misbehavior.  Riya pushes her angrily.  Aaliya flashes Riya.  Pragya wants to talk to Riya.  Prachi stops her.  She says there is no use because Riya does not like her.  Pragya is sad and cries.  Prachi comforts her.

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