Nagin 5 29 November 2020 written update – Bani suspect Chandrakla

At the beginning of the episode, Bani tries to save a baby girl.  But Markat consumes her.  Bani feels sad.  She curses Markat and cries.  Markat says she does not pity anyone, she eats people.  Markat goes away.  Kishore comes and asks Bani if ​​her granddaughter is found.  Bani goes to Markat while crying.  She takes her out by pushing her.  Balwant asks what is happening.  Bani states that Chandrakala killed Kishor’s granddaughter.  Chandrakala says that she has done nothing like this.  Bani calls her a liar.

Later Kishor’s daughter-in-law comes and says that she find Koyal.  Everyone stares at Bani.  Bani asks them to trust her.  Veer and Jai discuss that something strange is going on and they have to find out the secret soon.  Jai says that Bani is seeing what has not happened.  She is making a mind-blowing story.  Veer says Bani is not crazy who will do this.

Chandrakala comes to her room crying and then laughs.  She says that Markat won.  She comes in two forms.  And says that Bani will ever know that there is two Markat.  In the morning, ponky welcomes Mehak and Dehak to the breakfast table and give them a sit.  They thanks him.  Ritu sees that Chandrakala is doing all the household work.  Chandrakala tells Ritu to call Veer’s family.  Ritu says this house belongs to her too.  Chandrakala says that her life is still not normal, that’s why she is saying so.  Ritu says it is okay she will help her.

Bani tells Jai and Veer that she feels that Chandrakala has two forms, so they have to keep an eye on her.  Jai and Veer agree. Later while having breakfast, Veer talks about Tapesh’s wedding.  Everyone gets excited.  Veer tells Tapesh is in love with a girl who is a human being.

Next, Jai and Bani’s family members are sitting in the car.  Jai tells them about Meera’s marriage.  Meera gets shocked.  Ritu asks but who is getting married to Meera.  Jai tells Tapesh.  Ritu becomes happy.  She says it is good that Tapesh liked Meera.  While Meera says she does not agrees with it.  That when Chandrakala attacks them. Everyone gets shocked. They couldn’t understand what is happing.  Bani goes to save them.  Markat stops her.  Bani says she has now got all the evidence against Markat. And now she will not leave her. Bani takes Naagin form and grabs Markat. Bani says that now she knows that she can take two forms. While there Veer tells everyone that Tapesh likes Meera. Markat sees them laughing. Markat adds that after that they can never laugh.

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