Ishq Mein Marjawan2 13 November 2020 Written Update : Ishani tries to kill Riddhima

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima asks Bhagavan how he allowed this to happen. Kabir thinks that even Riddhima should say something special about him in the death of Vansh as he was the one who did so. Riddhima weeps and embraces the last sign of Vansh. Kabir tries to console her.

Riddhima advises him to stay away from her and says that he is responsible for the death of Vansh. Dadi and Chanchal come home. Chanchal tells grandmother that she wished to see the fair but she did not allow it to happen. Dadi says she is not feeling well, so she thought it would be better if they come home.

Next, the grandmother sees that the flower mala in Vansh’s photo. She gets shocked. Then Riddhima returns home and is shocked to see the atmosphere of the house. Dadi asks Riddhima to bring her Vansh. Riddhima hugs grandmother and cries and says that she wants but could not save Vansh. Further, Anupriya lies that Vansh fell into the ditch chasing the goons.

Riddhima is surprised to hear her lie. Ishani asks Angre where he was when all this happened. While Riddhima asks Anupriya why she lies to everyone. Anupriya says so that no one knows that Vansh was caught in the crime of death and jumped from the ditch. Riddhima says that she will prove Vansh’s innocence soon. Riddhima goes to her room and cries remembering Vansh. Ishani tries to kill Riddhima but the grandmother saves Riddhima and slaps Ishani.

Further, Kabir informs everyone that Vansh’s body has not been found. Anupriya scolds him for being careless. Kabir is about to touch the picture of Vansh but Riddhima stops him and accuses him of killing Vansh. Kabir says he killed him because of her. Riddhima gets shocked.

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