Shakti 13 November 2020 Written Update : Malika refuses to help Bhua

At the beginning of the episode, after seeing Virat drinking spicy hot water, Heer tries to stop him but he drinks the whole jug. Parmeet is shocked. Virat asks Heer to come with him. Heer goes after him and sees that Virat’s condition is bad due to the hot water. She asks him why he drank water. Virat says because he knows that Heer doesn’t like a tart.

Later, Virat tells Heer that she does not need to be so upset because he will fill her life with happiness. Heer says she is waiting for this day. She says that but she only waited for things, first for Harman and Soumya and now for the questions. She hugs him and cries and says that before dying she wants their marriage to be complete and wants to takes the last three rounds.

Virat ignores her and tells Heer that they should walk down for food. Heer realizes that Virat is trying to hide something from her. Bhua comes back home and sees that everyone is eating food, she gets angry and starts taunting everyone. She speaks ill of Heer’s family and insults Soumya. Sant asks Heer to apologize to her. Heer does the same.

Later, Heer gives Kheer Puri to Bhua and asks her not to insult her family. Heer gives medicines to Bhua which can digest food. She says that after eating this medicine her food will be digested because she ate 2 times. Bhua gets angry. She thinks of taking revenge on Heer.

Further, Heer does household chores but Virat prevents her from doing so but she does not listen to him. Virat sits on the couch and Heer and Virat share a romantic moment. Parmeet is suspicious to see them.

Bhua visits Malika and gives her money and asks for Heer information. Malika refuses to help her. Bhua leaves from there. Later, Shano offers to help Bhua, she gives her the address of Kareena.

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