Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 November 2020 Written Update : Manish taunted Kartik for being a Nanny

At the beginning of the episode, Everyone was trying to wake Kartik. Manish gets angry at Kartik for Keeping fast the whole day. Kairav brings stinky shocks and wakes Kartik by bringing that shocks close to Kartik’s nose. Everyone says to Kairav that immediately take these shocks far from them, or else they will get fainted.

Kartik any how regained his conciseness and then helped Naira open her fasting. Kairav played music and every dancing together. While dancing, Kartik notice Manish was standing and was thinking of something. Kartik went to Manish and asked him about his problem. Manish taunted him and said he is very much involved in females’ work and not paying attention to his work.

Kartik assured him that he would finish all of his work by midnight. Then Kartik went and joined them again. Kartik gave a surprise to Naksh and Kirti as their Wedding anniversary was turned down, so today they will enjoy it. All the men and women get divided into a team for the dance competition. Everyone celebrates and rejoin together.

The ring ceremony was also done by Naksh and Kartik. At the night Kartik thanks Naira for handling the situation so well. Then Kartik sat with his laptop to complete his work, suddenly Akshara started crying, then he took Akshara out Manish was carrying a file and thinking that without this file how Kartik is doing his work without this file. Manish saw Kartik with Akshara and went to him and started scolding him for wasting time on such things. Manish told him to stop being Nanny and concentrate on his work.

Naira was listening to everything then they got a discussion on gender-based work and said to her that she wanted to live every moment with their children. Naira tried to explain to him that Manish was also correct at his point of view. Then Kartik said he will make Manish happy with his work.

Episode end

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