Ishq Mein Marjawan2 16 November 2020 Written Update : Kabir enters in VR house

The episode starts with Aryan and Chanchal talking about the property. Chanchal tells Aryan that he should take grandmother in his favor so that the property becomes his. Anupriya thinks that she thinks of donating in anathasram something for the sake of Vansh. While a parcel arrives for her, which contains the child’s clothes, she says that her son was kidnapped.

Riddhima reads the letter that Kidneper has sent, in which it is written that he throw her child in the river, and now he has cancer; thus, he is feeling bad for his evil deeds, and that is why he is returning these things to her. Anupriya cries. While Kabir comes to VR house.

Riddhima asks him to leave from there. He says that he is going to transfer soon, so he has come to say goodbye to her and sorry. Ishani comes there and asks him to leave. Kabir notices the things on the table and says it belongs to him. He tells them someone thrown him in the river, but he is saved by the policemen who take care of him and make him policemen. Anupriya hugs him. And calls him her son.

Kabir says he is going to leave here, then Anupriya should come with him. Anupriya wants him to stay here. Riddhima agrees with this. Kabir and Anupriya are happy. Riddhima remembers that Vansh wanted to find Anupriya’s son and share a sibling relationship, so she allowed Kabir to stay here.

Further, Kabir comes to Riddhima. He thanks Riddhima as she gives him a chance to join this house. Riddhima says that she did all this for Vansh because he had such a desire. She orders Kabir to leave her room. Kabir compares himself to Vansh. Riddhima interrupts him and says there cannot be anyone else in the world like Vansh. She regrets the decision taken with Kabir, and she thinks that she has done wrong by stopping Kabir here. There, A person who looks like Vansh is ready to become Vansh. He thinks that now he will soon become Vansh and take entry into VR house. He smiles.

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