Shakti 16 November 2020 Written Update : Bhua meets Kareena

At the beginning of the episode, when Bhua does not believe in Shano’s talk, Shano asks her to get information by herself. Bhua says that she will definitely do this and finds out how much truth is there in Shano’s talk. Shano is happy to think that now the Heer’s reality will come in front of everyone, and her life will be destroyed. There Bhua thinks that she will gain information about Heer and expose her, and by doing so, she takes revenge on her. Afterward, she is fully ready to meet Kareena.

Next, the family members of Virat worship God. Virat decorates the house with diyas for Heer and writes I Love You with the help of Diyas. He tells Heer that he wants to see her happy, in response to which Heer says that he has taken away her happiness by accepting the terms of Preeto.

Preeto and others come to Heer’s house. Heer is not happy to see Preeto. Rohan tries to make Heer understand that what she is doing is wrong and asks her not to do. But doesn’t care about his words and still is angry with Preeto. While Preeto tells Virat her plan in which she wants Virat mix drugs in Heer drink. Virat disagrees, but Preeto forces him to do so.

On the other side, Bhua goes to Kareena’s house. Kareena asks her who she is, and she says that she is Virat’s Bhua and has come to know about Heer. Kareena demands money. Bhua meets her demand. Kareena tells Bhua something, which makes Bhua.

Virat is putting drugs in Heer’s drinks. He feels sorry for doing this while Simran creates a problem for Rohan and unnecessarily curses and taunts him. Rohan can do nothing in this situation. So to calm the atmosphere, he apologizes to Simran so that Heer does not have any problem.

There, Virat is nervous while mixing drugs in drinks. On the other side, Preeto believes that Heer must be insulted today for her condition. When Virat is mixing drinks, Heer suddenly comes, and the bottle is left out from Virat’s hand. He was shocked to see Heer there. Heer gets upset, seeing Virat worried. And asks him what happened. Virat lies and says nothing has happened. He offers her a drink.

Virat thinks that he does not remember which drink contains drugs. Both Virat and Heer drink a drink. Virat thinks that the drink will probably not affect Heer and that Preeto’s plan will revive. But Heer gets drunk. The housemates are shocked to see her in such a condition.

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