choti sardarni 16 November 2020 Written Update : Manav was insisting Meher give Karan to him

At the beginning of the episode, Sarabjeet gave the baby to Meher and told her to make him sleep inside the room. Manav saw Meher going inside the house and went after her. Param came to Sarabjeet and requested him to light up his sparkling stick. Manav wishes Happy Diwali to Meher and told her that he wants his baby back as he has not come here to celebrate Diwali.

Meher told Manav that she handed over Karan to him. Manav gives her the phone, and after 2 sec he takes back from him and says, like this, you handed me, Karan. Bunty called Roby to come and play a card, but Roby was a little nervous about going as Sarabjeet was present there. Bunty insisted him to come over there.

Pathak was sitting with Bunty and gave an evil smile and said it’s better to smash something in an attempt rather than smashing it several times. Manav tells Meher that now you are breaking your promise, and regarding this, he will talk to Mr. Gill. Suddenly Sarabjeet came there and heard his last statement and started asking about it. Then Sarabjeet told me that he knows very well about which you are talking.

Sarabjeet tells him that he knows everything he is his biological father, and he also understands his pain. Manav said to him that only he could understand his problem, no one else. Sarabjeet showed Karan and told Manav that much happiness is attached to him, and he is taking care of everything. He has also changed his office timings for him for Karan. Sarabjeet told Manav that he would not be able to handle him, and you don’t know how to pamper the child.

Manav told Sarabjeet that he would get to know everything if he started Keeping Karan as kids teach the parents how to treat them. Seema came there and slapped Manav.

Seema says if your dad was still alive and started crying. Seema gets upset about Manav’s activity and cries a lot. She faints, and Manav was trying to calm her down, but she was worried that she would reply to Aditi.

Episode end

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