kumkum bhagya 17 November 2020 Written Update : Dadi’s affection for Prachi

At the beginning of the episode, Rhea went to another side without noticing Abhi, Pragya, and Dadi. Dadi tells Pragya will get love until she keeps this ring. Abhi and Pragya recollect their flashes with Dallu Dadi, and Abhi makes Pragya wear that ring. Dadi says because she knows that Pragya is the one who embraces and takes care of you and our house, so we must pay some love. Abhi believes and loves Dadi and Pragya. Rhea went downstairs, then Pragya sees her and followed her to talk with her.

Prachi requests Ranbir to determine why he loves her. Ranbir was about to say but stops. Prachi gets annoyed. Prachi tells it’s great to know from you how much you adore me, and it gives me ample. Prachi feels shy and about to move, but Ranbir holds her. Saritha and Shahana see them together. Saritha scolds Ranbir for holding Prachi’s hand. Shahana seeks to stop her, but Saritha locks her and asks her to learn from Ranbir because he does not say anything in the center.

Saritha grin tells you can respond to me with the right that Prachi is yours, but you’re quiet, so I’m punishing you for entertainment, and you can even love Prachi because her Mom allowed your relation. Saritha states she is just joking. Ranbir goes to serve the call. Prachi too about to go. Saritha holds her and says, let me call Pragya because it’s hard to seek her at this party.

Pragya looks anxious, and she retains the phone on the speaker and asks why she is anxious. Pragya asks Prachi’s view about Rhea and tells some event occurred, and I found Bittu and questioned why they want to halt Prachi, but he said Rhea used them for Prachi capture and killing. Prachi says Sanju might be misleading because Rhea won’t do it. Prachi tells Rhea might recognize her mistake after the last time, and this time she won’t return it. Pragya says she wishes so.

Rhea proffers money to Sanju and asks him to go endlessly from the city and Prachi. Sanju asked her why your behavior shaped? Even you punished me that day when I decided to halt Prachi and asked me to stay away from her and act like she is your sister, why you worry about her. Rhea says, hold all these and move from here and doesn’t tell anyone anything. Pragya gets shaken after hearing their conversation, and the vase fell; they get horrified seeing her.

Prachi started at Abhi and went to him and tells him Happy Diwali. Abhi gets tears seeing her and wishes her lovingly. Prachi asks why you said on Dusshera day that you do not want to lose me again. Abhi says you’re like my daughter so. Prachi says he is the one who defended her every time she wanted it. Abhi says he is proud of her Mom’s training, and he reassures her that Sanju can’t do anything to her, and I guarantee you nothing will happen to you, so enjoy the party and went off.

Ranbir proposes Shahana to him. Aryan tells you to want to demolish my career, and he goes. Ranbir turns and speeds with Prachi, and he worries for her. Prachi laughs, seeing him and says, don’t know how you worry about after wedlock. Ranbir says he will learn it. Prachi holds his face. Ranbir closes his eyes. Prachi hits their head for the other time. Ranbir thinks he is stupid to think something. Aliya gets irritated by comprehending they are united.

Episode end

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