Kundli bhagya 17 November 2020 Written Update : Karvachauth at Luthra house

At the beginning of the episode, Karan asks Preeta to answer his question. Preeta says she is going to sleep because tomorrow she has to get up early. Karan stops her and says he can prove that Preeta is jealous of Mahira. He reminds her of the situation in which Preeta lied to him that his coach is calling her. Preeta says it was not a lie, but it was true. Perhaps his coach may have forgotten about this. She taunts him that she has sent these messages to him, and he is harassing her by calling her a liar.

Further, Karan says, but Preeta always says that she doesn’t like him. Preeta denies this. He asks, do you like me? Preeta tries to ignore his words and is about to go to sleep, but Karan and Preeta fall on the bed at the same time. Both start fighting; Karan says Preeta and everything in this room are his. Preeta denies this and says she is not his. She tells him to stand up, but Karan does not listen to her.

The debate between the two starts. Preeta asks Karan to apologize to her, but Karan denies it and says Preeta should apologize to her. Preeta says they should count to 3 and then apologize. After the count is over, Preeta apologizes, but Karan does not. Preeta calls him a cheater. She gets angry and goes to sleep.

Karan turns off the AC to harass her. Srishti and Sameer talk on the phone. Srishti asks Sameer about Dadi. He says Dadi is fine and busy with preparations for Karvachauth. Sameer tells Srishti to keep a fast for him. Srishti asks the reason for this and asks him to express things well. But then Kareena comes, and Sameer disconnects the phone.

Kareena asks Sameer to cancel all the meetings of Rishabh. Preeta wakes up in the morning for a sargi. Seeing Rishabh and Karan, Kritika teases them. Grandma also gives Sarla’s laddu to Sherlyn in Sargi. Mahira asks Kareena to give blessings that she should stay with Karan forever. Everyone is shocked.

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